Election Night Reporting

The Arizona Secretary of State will be posting information on a new website in next week’s Primary Election. The tool is called Election Night Reporting (ENR), and it will display results from Arizona elections on the website azsos.gov. The Web interface provides visitors with a graphical view of in-depth state and county results. You are presented with a breakdown of votes received for a choice by race. Maps illustrate the counties or precincts reporting, voter turnout, and results by county or precinct. A reporting area provides downloadable reports and custom filtering of results.

Once the precinct polling locations have closed, the results are reported to the county. The state aggregates results, and then begins reporting results to the public via the ENR tool. Updates occur throughout the night until all counties have reported have reported their results for the evening. The results will continue to be updated for several days after the election until all ballots have been tallied.

The Arizona Primary Election will be on August 24th.

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