Piranha 3D: the Oscars

Piranha 3D isn’t the kind of movie likely to win any Oscars. The crazy horror flick shot on Lake Havasu fits in the genre which adult audiences like at the summer box office, but not typically picked by critics. This video is a plea by the cast and crew of Piranha 3D to be considered for Oscars “in all categories” (warning: do not view if you’re easily offended).

In other Piranha news, it seems the studio isn’t providing a copy of the film to BlueWater Cinemas in its first week (though possibly the second week, if you can wait).


  1. hahaha that was hilarious!

  2. This is the latest information i have due to the small amount of prints sent out we weren’t at the top of list. We have tried to get the movie but it appears that the earliest we may receive will be September 3rd.

    I will keep you updated on whats happening.

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