“This storm is huge”

After reporting that the last time it rained in Parker was over 5 months ago, local Twitter user Katie Turnbow posted this photo with the caption:

“Yea! Best day ever! I may actually get rain at my house tonight! This storm is huge! Woot!!!!”.

Also reported:

“Power lines are down on HWY 72 mile post 38. Detour Quartzsite, AZ”


  1. We have no virgins to sacrifice so it shouldn’t be too bad here 🙂

  2. LMAO! Turns out it wasn’t much to worry about for Parker but as usual the smaller communities got hit. I hope that the electricity comes back up soon. Nothing worse than trying to sleep in the humidity without the air… yuck.

  3. Yes, yet again the infamous Parker Vortex diverts the storm around us.

  4. It wasn’t the best day evar after all! 🙁

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