BSD Chief Plant Operator resigns

Breaking: The licensed Chief Plant Operator at Buckskin Sanitary District has resigned. A spokesperson for the sewer district north of Parker confirmed that a new licensed operator would be hired as soon as possible, potentially as early as today.


  1. It seems that BSD is again demonstrating their disfunction. That operator had been there a long time. I am sure the board will blame every thing on him. Looks like they want to get a contract operator. Doesn’t one of the board members have a wastewater operating biz? He used to have the contract to run BSD plant and lost it. Guess he looking to get it back. Those of us in the district need to vote for the right folks.

  2. And more importantly those in the District need to support Board Members when they make the attempts to start doing things correctly and keep egos and agendas from other Board Members out of the day to day business of BSD. Shelly Rohde resigned from the Board and that was accepted last night at their Board Meeting. People in the district might want to take time out of their busy lifes to really see what is going on in both of our Special Districts.

  3. Maybe they should hire [….] He’s a pro at shoveling s#%!

  4. He may be a pro but he isn’t licensed! LOL..

  5. I think the BSD board operates like most boards in our county. Secretly. I don’t think any of these folks been in our area more that 5 years. When this is over we are going to be paying over $100 a month for sewer. All to support the Keys home owners. And maybe Miraleste Estates. I dont make enough $$$ to pay this kid of bill. I will just keep my septic. But I can’t. Maybe move.

  6. Dan Field doesn’t have a license? Call the sheriff

  7. Wow Lost in La Paz, you sound like you have some strong feelings about BSD and how it is run. As for the Board all the Board members with the exception of Rohde and Svider have been in the area for quite a long time. Troxler was on the Board, quit was hired as Plant operator, got fired and then went back on the Board with his new agenda. Gary Hansen has been on the Board for 12 years and Bill Risen 8, I believe. They cannot legally have secret meetings but since Svider took over BFD as Chair they have had 6 open meeting compliants. Some do not take their responsibilities or the rules that we are suppose to live by too seriously. And the Budgets of both Special District continue to climb… common denominator… anyone??

  8. Recall Them All, you have a great sense of humor! Thanks for the levity! 🙂

  9. Sounds like Lost in La Paz and I have something in common. Neither one of us wants to keep supporting BSD in their boards/management screwups/coverups. These arent feelings…these are facts (check the board meeting minutes people). I have a problem with BSD collecting tax payers dollars (our hard earned dollars in this low pay county) that are obviously NOT spent wisely…$9000 for a Part-Time Interim Manager…where’s the logic in that! It’s obvious that the board members with alot of experience of serving on the this board have lost sight of why they are there and what they are supposed to be doing …especially NOT speaking out against another board member with an agenda…anyone agree?

  10. Any time you create a bureaucracy, you create this crap. EVERYTIME! Limited government is the way to go

    RVR Grl, Thanks for the compliment. My wife thinks my sense of humor is weird, she just doesn’t get it though, but she still laughs!

  11. “All to support the Keys home owners. And maybe Miraleste Estates.”

  12. Name (required):

    “All to support the Keys home owners. And maybe Miraleste Estates.”

  13. I have a lot of friends in the Keys but I am soooo glad I didn’t buy anything in there. I think they pay $400 a month just in dues! Talk about micro managing bureaucracies. Those people are getting it from all sides but the problem child just keeps getting put on these boards… so people get what they ask for. The new board member for BSD is Pat Jones, and you will not get to vote on it because only two people ran for two positions, no election required. My feeling was the PJ and GS combo was enough for anyone trying to do something good to hang it up, walk away and try to go have a nice life with this behind them until the next tax bill. 🙁

  14. I believe that Troxler, Jones, and Zvider have an agenda that is surely not in the best interest of the District or us users. The last time they hired a General Manager he did not have even the qualifications in their own job discription. No wastewater license. WTF?? And the new guy has a consulting biz named pooled resourses and the website says nothing about wastewater certs? So they leaned on the operator for years and relied on his certs to operate? I guess the new common denominator is that the Quartzsite plant smells as bad as teh Buckskin plant! I think Troxler is the utilities director for Quartzsite. I guess they ticked off the operator enough that he just walked out. Not to common. Just bad management. Those of us that foot the bill can look forward to sewer bills way in excess of $100 per month.

  15. Buckskin Sanitary District has a website at where you can get information about the activities of the District.including information about the resignation of the Chief Plant Operator.

  16. It is very interesting to read all these comments from the very people that couldn’t be bothered to try and make a difference by putting themselves on the Board of Directors that they are so vehemently against in the upcoming elections. There is two sides to every story and unfortunately the unprofessional actions of this operator (just walked out??) is getting all the sympathy without anyone bothering to seek the other side of the story. Why is it no one has questioned “his” job performance? Do we all just assume that he was doing the job “he” was hired to do? As far as the previous General Manager, I didn’t see anything that required him to be certified except for a 12 month period after he was hired. I guess he needed that because the operator couldn’t handle his job. (Isn’t that the person who should be certified…the operator?) I thought the position was to manage, not operate a wastewater plant. As far as Mr. Pooler, I suggest you take a better look at this man’s extensive credentials in the wastewater industry before you spout things you know nothing about! He has done more for the Sewer District than any other person in that position. (of course if you attended Board meetings and listened to the taxpayers that attest to it, you would know that). I’m not saying this sewer district isn’t without it’s problems, but those that are the biggest critics spew rumor and not facts. So I guess my message is to those that always talk the talk but won’t walk the walk….get your facts straight, step up and become involved or just stick to what you know!

  17. HELL YEAH! Show up and get active or STFU!

  18. LMAO! God I love this town. You can’t get this kind of $hit just anywhere… 🙂

  19. Why would the community give sympothy to the operator? WTF? Maybe cuz he worked at that position for 7 YEARS! He was well liked by both citizens and the ADEQ. P[..] has done WHAT?? He has been here 3 months and he is hero? Well as far as sticking to what I know, how about this. Apparently […] has chosen to hire his fire fighter buddy to be the operator of the plant with a $95,000 per year contract! And he isn’t a licensed wastewater operator!! Wow this just keeps getting better. With […]’s pay at $9,000 a month and the new operators pay that comes to $16,916 PER MONTH!!!! What better way to replace an operator. WITH A FRIEND! The La Paz county way I suppose. BSD is finding new ways to FLUSH tax dollars down the drain.
    I think I am beginning to see why the operator “just walked out”.

  20. If the Board of Supervisors can do this same stuff with the hiring of Holly’s husband, why can’t BSD? Monkey see, monkey doo doo!

  21. I will adding additional information to the District’s website to set the record striaght on some of the facts (incorrect facts) that seem to be bantered about without having knowledge of the truth. I am available to meet with citizens of the District to discuss what is happening and why. I look forward to open communication without hiding behind a web name with no idenity.

  22. REALLY??? Shaking my head on that last comment. Just because they can, doesnt mean they should. Why not let BSD jump over the cliff and join the County while I run to my backyard and pull more $$$ off my money tree to pay for their funeral.

  23. Ground Hog, I was being facetious. Of course they shouldn’t do it. But they do and the citizens take it, except for a few decent people. Recall all these elected […] and send a message to future politicians that we aren’t going to stand for this crap. OR, watch nascar or a football game like the rest of the sheeple!

  24. Ground Hog you got a money tree? I had a money creosote bush but the last Board of Supervisors ran over it with a STUPID dozer. It died. Mr. Pooler I have looked at the BSD website and see no update. If any of the info I presented above is wrong, let us know. Just that easy. After living in the district since its inception I feel the info I have to be from VERY good sources. But hey, I could be wrong. Just feel free to correct me with what you know. As for Recall them all.. ARE YOU CRAZY? You know recalls don’t work in this place! The elected control the elections!!! Now it you dont mind, I am off to watch replays of the 1993 Super Bowl!!! and eat cheetos…

  25. Yes, I am crazy enough to think differently. The past does not equal the future. The elected in LaPaz county control elections because YOU let them…

  26. Great vid Recall. I will sign your petition sheet!

    Oh, BTW I m doing this post from a Mac.

    I BELIEVE. Can we recall the two […] running for BSD Board BEFORE they get placed?

  27. No you can’t recall the two people that have applied to be on the board until after they take their oath in January 2011. Packets are available at the Board of Supervisors/Elections located at 1108 Joshua Ave in Parker, AZ hours are 7 a.m. to 6 p.m. Monday- Thursday. Of course, you have to find someone else that is willing to be on the Board or they will just appoint another buddy. 😉

  28. Of course, […] is already on the Board and Acting Chairman. I would have to see how that would work, if he were recalled but was going to be appointed because nobody ran, that is an interesting slant. I will be happy to share that information when I have it.

  29. $7,200 assessment, BSD permit fee, La Paz County permit fee, cost to hire “licensed contractor”, two-month deposit held for 1 year without interest, $38/mo service fee EVERY month…I’m replacing my toilet flush levers with slot machine handles!

  30. You’re better off going on a composting toilet system! Get off the grid! Get off ALL meters!!!

  31. [……………………..]

    Edited, see below.

  32. Guys, this is not the place to organize a recall! Thanks.

  33. Ahhhh, Freedom Of Speech, just watch what you say!!!! Welcome to Amerika

  34. Recall- In America you get to exercise your freedom of speech by holding a recall rally at your home, or at a business that wants to do it, or even in the street. Why don’t you organize one? Nobody’s stopping you.

  35. John,
    In America you get to exercise your freedom of speech anywhere, just not here! Good luck with your version of Amerika! You and most sheeple are why our country is floundering. (OK it’s dying) But it’s your website. Go ahead and destroy your country how you see fit!

  36. Wait, John Wright is destroying America by having a reasonable policy for topic choices on his website? I don’t know of any website that doesn’t have policies about the comments forums. Dang, John, didn’t know you were the taliban! lol

  37. He can do anything he wants. It’s his website. I even said this above. (this has nothing to do with topic choices) It’s unfortunate that Amerika has become such a PC crowd that certain dissenting voices are edited or removed. Enjoy Amerika SpecialK.

    The Taliban is no threat to America. What is destroying our way of life is people falling for this Political Correctness garbage. We used to be a people that fought for our Constitution and what it stood for. Now, we’d rather eat twinkies washed down with soda pop and watch American Idol. A nation of wimps! Good luck with that!!!

  38. Recall Them All– I’m not sure how you think running a community site with comments that we don’t want to host specific political activism means that we are destroying America, or even that we disagree with the arguments being made. There’s just a certain purpose for certain places on the web (as there is in the real world), and we want to keep this place for constructive discussion without descending into the throes of online political action committees. That’s all! Thanks for being here and enjoy using the site for its great purposes, which includes hosting a LOT of free speech.

  39. John,
    You destroy by allowing the reduction of free speech. (something the Parker Pukineer perfected) Good luck with that. As I’ve said, you can do anything you want. It’s your site. Too bad you don’t have the courage to do more for your community. You ought to call this site Parkerasleeponline, because that is what you are facilitating. I really do appreciate you being here, just disagree with you, that’s all. If parkerasleeponline is too harsh for you, how about Truth in advertising!

  40. Recall- Let me get this right; you’re coming to a site that covers subjects covered few other places (if anywhere) online, and accusing it of not doing enough for the community? We’ve delved into some very contentious topics before and never shied away from it. Have you been reading the same site?!

    But yes, there’s a place and a time for all kinds of free speech; they simply have to be chosen, that’s all. You can’t argue about politics loudly during a movie in a theater under the auspices of free speech! Place and time, friend, place and time. There’s plenty of free speech on this site; moreso than on 90 percent of the websites I see on a daily basis.

    Best not to complain about a good thing!

  41. YES. Shut up and take it like a good Amerikan! Nothing to see here sheeple. Move along…..

  42. Wow, sorry John. Actually my memory must be getting bad, I certainly was not championing a recall, actually I said people hadn’t stepped up so no election necessary and supplied information requested. For those that still wish to have that information call LPC Elections. Have a great November! 🙂

  43. To Lost in La Paz who stated “All to support the Keys home owners. And maybe Miraleste Estates” and to ParkerRvrGirl who stated ” I have a lot of friends in the Keys but I am soooo glad I didn’t buy anything in there. I think they pay $400 a month just in dues! You both need to get your facts straight. The homeowners in the Keys have and are still paying their fair share. Did you forget the problems with the 1st phase of construction? What those people in the Keys had to live with for almost 2 years? $400 a month in dues? Really? How about $150 every 3 months.

  44. Hi Choices… ouch for the browbeating… pretty sure the “I Think” preface covered that I had not personally looked into it. I have only heard the complaints. I think it is great that you feel $150 every 3 months is good. Still sounds high to me but you guys have a lot of maintenance costs… sooo. Personally, I think it is hiliarious that Yuma County approved developing the keys and thought the “canals” were streets. I mean really how ridiculous to have had septic leach fields on individual lots basically sitting in the river. The Keys are well represented on the BSD board, rest assured.


    To Lost in La Paz who stated “All to support the Keys home owners. And maybe Miraleste Estates” and to ParkerRvrGirl who stated ” I have a lot of friends in the Keys but I am soooo glad I didn’t buy anything in there. I think they pay $400 a month just in dues! You both need to get your facts straight. The homeowners in the Keys have and are still paying their fair share. Did you forget the problems with the 1st phase of construction? What those people in the Keys had to live with for almost 2 years? $400 a month in dues? Really? How about $150 every 3 months.

  45. Hey Choices you have just made my point! BSD is the reason that the keys have such a low payment. I guess you weren’t here for the forming of the BSD. You see, the forming of the BSD came from a mandate by ADEQ. This after the then owner of the Sandpiper condos wanted to make more money with his sewer treatment plant. So he took numerous water samples in the canals if the Keys and sent them to ADEQ under the guise that he was trying to protect the river from the nitrates leaching from septic tanks. ADEQ sent some folks out to sample and BOOM a consent decree was forced onto the Keys Home Owners Association. In order to spread the cost over many folks the Keys big wigs came up with the great idea of forming BSD. So it was put to vote and the folks up river passed it. Thinking they were doing the right thing after being told by the Big Wigs that they would have to do it one day ANYWAY. BSD is the result of a few Big Money owners in the keys wiggling out of just having the Keys and its immediate neighbors from carrying the full burden. As a result the sewer plant was purchased by BSD!!! Rest is history.

  46. So it was a conspiracy! I LOVE it!!!

  47. stupidgirlgenius

    Maybe with the increase in taxes they will do something about the leach field thats probably still leaking into the river at Rio Lindo on the otherside of Riverside Dr.

  48. Hey, I heard that the sewer pump station next to the river failed Friday and raw sewage ran into the river?? WTF? The old operator that supposedly couldn’t find his rear end with both hands operated the place for 6 YEARS with no spills and the new guys have a spill in what 3 MONTHS!! Sounds like BSD getting their moneys worth!! Go Board of Directors!!

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