Search for the Legend

We’re looking for people with stories or thoughts about the legendary Goatman, with sightings in the Parker area going back at least 40 years. If you or someone you know would like to chat with us on-camera for this locally-made documentary film, please contact . Thanks!


  1. I use to have nightmares about the Goatman as a kid. I have yet to see him.

  2. Ugh, they actually made a movie about this silly little local fairy tale. Whats next? The glowing grave at the Parker Cemetery?

    Goats aren’t even Carnivorous. So if Goatman was out there, big deal, we have to worry about our tin cans being eaten and our lawns being nicely trimmed.

  3. AN, i think it is less about proving the Goatman is real and more about sharing stories that have been handed down for generations. A collection pot for the tales we have all heard as children. Perhaps there is some back ground information in local Native American folk lore or tradition.
    Personally I think it is a great way to bring together a community. Even if it is just a local legend. 🙂

  4. There we go, Katie gets it. 🙂

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