Drop in tourism revenue

The Chamber Perspective reported to members of the Parker Area Chamber of Commerce in August that tourism revenues in La Paz County dropped almost 17 percent from 2008 to 2009. Travel spending for 2008 was $216 million, versus $180 million in 2009, the Perspective said. But, despite the economic downturn, it seems tourism is still the principal industry here:

$30 million in travel-generated earnings
$49.7 million spent on campgrounds and RV parks
$6.5 million spent on motels/hotels
$77 million spent on day travel
$2.1 million in local tax receipts
$64.7 million in local transportation and fuel
$21.4 million in food service
$15.7 million in food store sales
$24 million in retail sales
$46.8 million in arts, entertainment and recreation.

Chamber Director Randy Hartless said it seems safe to assume most of this spending is in Parker, followed by Quartzsite.

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  1. One more reason to recall the Board Of Supervisors. In addition to Holly helping getting her husband a job, and John Drum stubbornly not willing to settle the lawsuit with Yakima, AND chasing away new business opportunities. (Solar facility in Ehrenberg and the bluegrass festival to name just two) The elected geniuses are living like it’s still 1999. The economy is imploding and our elected officials are playing fiddle and telling us all to eat cake. May God have mercy on our souls for being so lazy and complacent

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