Primary election results

Here are the unofficial results for how La Paz County voted in yesterday’s primaries. La Paz Democrats voted for:

  • Cathy Eden for US Senator
  • Raul Grijalva for US Representative District 7
  • Terry Goddard for Governor
  • Michael Burke for Judge of the Superior Court

La Paz County Republicans, meanwhile, voted for:

  • John McCain for US Senator
  • Ruth McClung for US Representative District 7
  • Russ Jones for State Representative District 24
  • Jan Brewer for Governor
  • Ron Gould for State Senator District 3
  • Andrew Thomas for Attorney General

Items marked in red indicate that La Paz County voted for a candidate that differs from the candidate voted for by the state of Arizona as a whole. All other items are candidates which, based on unofficial results, will go through to the General Election in November. Although Andrew Thomas is marked red, the race for Attorney General may still be too close to call, coming down to a difference of only a few hundred votes statewide.

For La Paz County results, click here. For statewide votes, click here.

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  1. Damn! A lot of “Bad Guys” won. Thanks for that “choice” of a two party system!

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