BLM considers restricting off-road trails access

Area off-roading groups are up in arms about a proposal by the Bureau of Land Management’s Lake Havasu field office to close access to some off-road trails within the local BLM jurisdiction. The plan, called the Travel Management Plan (TMP), involves considering four separate plans, including their proposed plan which would:

“…provide an optimal balance between authorized resource use and the protection and long-term sustainability of sensitive resources within the planning area.”

Parker Live is investigating further. Meantime, HERE is a link to BLM’s Travel Management Plan with detailed maps of the proposals. And HERE is a link to a letter by Shane Miller, Parker 4-Wheelers, opposing the plan and urging action from everyone who takes OHVs into the desert for recreation.


  1. Hey big government, I just love paying you then telling me about all this so called freedom you grant me. Thank you

  2. Google United Nations Agenda 21 and this will start to make sense. If you like socialism, you are going to love the dictatorship!

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