Governor Jan Brewer on KLPZ

Arizona Governor Jan Brewer speaks live on KLPZ 1380am. Watch here.


  1. [……………………………………….] – edited. Just an insult.

  2. So Nault does know that politicians work for the people and not BSD!

  3. Just because he says it here does not make it so. Remember, he is a politician!

  4. Hey John,
    Is your day job a moderator at Huffington Post?

  5. again with the insults? can you think of answers Recall? anyone can complain, and you do it so well, but please come up with entertaining insults, these are getting old

  6. Hey Organized Anarchist, got anything better? Oh your hurting me, better call the internet police. Oh wait, you are the mod that hates anything but feel good fluff here. So almost had me fooled, NOT!

  7. Man, Recall, more of the same old crap on a different stick….(yawn) Wake me when you have new fresh insluts to contribute.

  8. Yeah, I’ll be sure to send an “inslut” your way! You definitely sound like someone who needs to be awakened

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