Will this be the last heat warning of the summer?

An excessive heat warning has been issued by the National Weather Service for today and tomorrow (Fri and Sat). It will remain in effect until 8 p.m. each day, and includes temperatures of up to 115 degrees and increased humidity.

After the weekend, though, the weather looks much more fitting for September in the Parker area, with maximum temps between 97 and 102 degrees and – even better – overnight lows in the 60’s meaning a good portion of the day in the ‘sweet spot’ 70s and 80s.

Could this be the last heat warning this summer as we wind down into Fall? Many area residents hope so.


  1. NO WAY JOSE! We are going to be turning the heat up on politicians this fall. We are going to turn it up so hot they’ll be sweating day and night. If you are a crooked lying politician we are coming after you. THE HEAT IS ON!!!!

  2. good lord I hope it is the last heat warning. I cant take much more.

    And good lord “recall them all” just let it go, this was a weather comment, find the right forum to spew bile

  3. Hey unorganized, you like what’s happening in our county and country? I don’t and I ain’t going to shut up. You must be one of those dumb anarchists because anyone with half a brain can see we are heading for much tougher times and saying nothing is tantamount to treason. Go back to sleep unorganized. Here, I’ve prepared a video just for you and your friends…


  4. dude, this was about the weather. I dont want you to shut up, just choose the right post to leap up on you soap box and beat your chest.

  5. “Whether” or not you like my post doesn’t matter to me. You sound like an aspiring politician with your control issues. Me, I’m trying to wake up the sheeple. The more awake we are as this depression accelerates the better off we will be. Organized anarchist my butt!!!

  6. I am with the weather on this one….and I am hoping for a break soon..this year has not been the hottest I have seen, but the most consistant…it’s time for a break…

  7. Recall Them All – Always so positive? Seriously, I wouldn’t be surprised to find out that you’ve already had a heart attack or are riddled with ulcers. Calm down.

  8. Melissa,
    Why do you care about my health? If you cared as much about trying to save the county and the country, that is obviously a snowball rolling downhill to hell, as much as you did about me and my attitude, maybe we wouldn’t be in this mess. And for what it’s worth I am in perfect health and I think it seriously has to do with the fact that I fight for truth, justice and the American way! I could say about you that since you are lazy about trying to fix our county you could probably stand to lose a few pounds and your hotness died years ago along with your enthusiasm for everything that’s moral and right. But that would be mean wouldn’t it? In case you missed this, here’s a video for you as well. (I’ll calm down when you wake up!)


  9. Recall –

    I could actually say quite a few jabs at you, but I won’t.

    The point is that this specific topic was about the weather. I’m not complaining about your comments under other topics, just keep it where it belongs. I’m tired of seeing your hateful comments.

  10. Then don’t read ’em. The truth hurts. And besides, you jabbed me first

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