Havasu Travel Management Plan

In light of the potential public land closures in the Lake Havasu area, many off roading enthusiasts are looking for support. Please read the following posting from the BLM in Lake Havasu. We only have until October 31, 2010 to voice our opinion.

The off-roading community injects millions into the regional economy. Tourism would be directly affected by closures.  OHV clubs from California, Nevada and Utah have joined forces with Arizona OHV clubs to fight the closures and restrictions of public land.

The following was taken directly from the BLM website for your information:

The Havasu Travel Management Plan (TMP) is the second TMP of the Lake Havasu Field Office (LHFO), located below I-40 in Arizona and California, north, east and south of Lake Havasu City, Arizona, including parts of the California shoreline and south within 5-7 miles of the Bill Williams River. 

For over two years LHFO staff have met with and briefed officers and members of the Havasu, Bullhead and Parker 4-Wheelers, and other user groups and individuals to better inform the public of the TMP planning process, goals and objectives. 

On August 18, 2010, BLM held a Public Open House in Lake Havasu City to correspond with the 30-day public review and comment period of August 17-Sept 17, 2010 and discuss the Havasu TMP Environmental Assessment (EA) route alternative maps and individual routes.  Eighty-eight people attended the Open House and primarily voiced the opinion that 30-days aren’t enough time to review and comment for such a large and complex area. Accordingly the public review comment period has been extended to October 31, 2010. 

Four alternative route network maps are on BLM’s Arizona State website.  The alternatives are 1) No Action, 2) Protection Oriented, 3) Proposed by BLM and 4) Access Oriented.  Public review and comment is being asked on both, route alternatives and individual or specific route designations of open, limited or closed.

Once public comment and input is compiled, assessed and considered, the Havasu TMP/EA and the activity or implementation plan will be placed on the BLM Arizona website.  The public will be invited to review and comment for an additional 30 days.  The number and nature or types of comments received will be shown.  The BLM also will review the EA and TMP for accuracy, format, clarity and level of detail.  The final documents will be signed and placed on the BLM Arizona web site upon completion. Please refer back to the BLM web site as updates occur.

Once approved, BLM will begin implementation by signing designated routes as shown on the approved Havasu TMP Map.

For more information about the Public Open House and the Havasu TMP, contact:

Myron McCoy, Outdoor Recreation Planner at the BLM Lake Havasu Field Office, 2610 Sweetwater, Lake Havasu City, AZ 86406; telephone (928) 505-1216; begin_of_the_skype_highlighting toll free (888) 213-2582; email: or

Important Dates:

September 9, 2010:  6 pm – 8pm Havasu Springs, Letter Writing Workshop: If you want to write a letter but can’t find the words or need a little help getting started, you need to come to this workshop.

October 31, 2010: Deadline for public comment on land closures. Letters must be postmarked by this date.

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