6 months without measurable rain!

Yes, we know, there have been some scattered showers, including some of the wet stuff falling in some areas on Monday night. But the official weather station for the National Weather Service recorded no rain on 6th Street in Parker, and hasn’t since March 8th, 2010. That means today marks a full six months since the last recorded rainfall in Parker, AZ; a very dry summer.


  1. We live in the DESERT and this is NEWS? I hate the rain… it makes the place stink and the WEEDS grow! Remember about 8 years ago when Ehrenberg was in danger from wildfires? Rain causes the desert to “Bloom” thus creating vegetation that when the rain stops, dries up and dies. That causes kindling for any errant cigarette or campfire to fuel an even larger fire.

    You want rain? Go live at the coast! We have enough water in the river.

  2. Even a post about infrequent rain can’t go without receiving a snarky comment. I beginning to believe that Parker is full of nothing but grumps that like to belittle and argue all the time.

  3. Who said anything about wanting rain? Robb must be talking to the people in his head. Of course this is news, it’s been a LONG time since we went a whole monsoon season without recorded rainfall.

  4. I don’t think it was a snarky comment at all. It appears that he just realizes that deserts are places whereby rainfall is infrequent and the results of that are better than the opposite.

    More rain = more bugs. I like that aspect of living in the desert and prefer no measurable rain during the summer. Let it rain in the fall/winter/spring so as to keep the weeds and bugs down.

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