Christmas for the Troops Situation Briefing Afghanistan

I requested a situation status on Forward Operating Base Wilson.  This is what I received today.  I want everyone to know what our men and women in the war zone are facing.  The report is as follows:

Wilson continues to get mortared; rocketed almost daily. Yesterday a rocket hit a tent but fortunately no one was inside while it burt to the ground. Howz-e-Madad where the 3 civilian contractors died from a rocket attack two weeks ago; which is 5 clicks from Wilson also continues under heavy attack daily.  The 101st is strong in those parts & now that the elections are over (yesterday) we might see the major offensive we’ve all been waiting for sooner rather than later.

A rocket hit Kandahar Air Base the day before I arrived; went thru 6 living containers where I live–by the grace of God, it didn’t explode nor were there anyone inside any of the containers.  That attack happened on the last day of EID—the 3 day celebratory period after Ramamdan.

So–Ramadan is over; EID is over; the elelctions are over–I would suspect it will all begin soon.

Christmas for the Troops has begun.  These men and women are in a living hell.  I want to let them know that we support them.  They are our children, brothers and sisters and our mom’s and dads.  I was in the military many years ago.  I never went to war.  But I can tell you what a package from home means. Let’s start getting our stuff together.  Drop-off locations will be given in the next couple of weeks. We can use cash donations to pay for the  postage. Thank you for your consideration on this endeavor.

I am proud of our military and God Bless their dedication to our nation.


  1. Hi, my son is a soldier at Howz E Madad, which is mentioned in your post–I’m curious if you can tell me where this info came from (was it from a soldier at Wilson, or a reporter, or other source?). Also, is it okay to link to this from my blog? Thanks.

  2. I just departed Howz E. Madad. Sure, we took a few rounds but it is not daily – not even close.

    And I just left Wilson, too! [………] Wilson is not taking rounds daily! They did take a round a couple days ago, howerver. But not daily! I swear to you just as I swear to you about Howzy.

    You should be proud of your son! The Howzy soldiers are wonderful and moral is high amongst them. […]

    Have a good day!

  3. Contractor: Thank you so much for your perspective–I hadn’t heard these frightening things in news reports and wondered how reliable the source was. You’ve helped me feel a little calmer. Thanks.

  4. No worries, Anne C.! 😉 I wish I could find the […] who is putting this bogus information out!

    Take care! And try not to worry too much, Ma’am!

  5. This info comes from a contact Bill has relied on for many years, not only for news from the war zone but for handling our hundreds of packages sent for Christmas for the Troops, etc. He is currently deployed at FOB Wilson.

  6. Why did you close the Sheriff recall thread? I wanted to know about the flyers being posted.

  7. In the Sheriff’s thread? What about posting a disclaimer for libel. Will that release you of your obligation?

  8. Bill Risen, Parker Lions

    My contact has been at FOB Wilson for several months. As far as his reliability, I believe every word he says. As far as the other location they had an attack in the last couple of weeks where three civilian contractors were killed and more wounded. I’m sorry if you doubt my sources information, but I stick with him and his info. Perhaps you noticed there is no American Flag over FOB Wilson, it was ordered removed by the commanding officer so it would not offend others. Unless that order was rescinded I would imagine there is still no flag flying.

    Yes I have photos of the flag being lowered for the last time.

  9. RR- We actually wouldn’t need the disclaimer; our only legal obligation is to remove the libel when we’re asked to. But it was getting out of hand. I’ll certainly have new articles with any news on the Sheriff’s recall issue if there’s something you want to send me:

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