Cellphones in Parker: SURVEY

How good or bad is your cellphone experience in the Parker area? Help us compile a report by answering a few questions about your phone. Who knows, maybe the carriers will listen!

This will only take a minute or so. (General questions only; no personal info taken.)


  1. Hey… the last question on this kooky swurvey ;> didn’t give the choice of a…” No, we will be dropping Verizon!” and their affiliates (if at all possible)…
    Thanks for allowing the semi-input though…:)
    i <3 this place!

  2. Haha! Well unfortunately that phone is only available through AT&T and possibly Verizon from 2011…. I guess you’re not too happy with the service?! 🙂

  3. Sorry, No!
    Perhaps i expect too much…. that must be it. ;>
    ………. pretty much ready to go phoneless these days, except for emergencies…maybe.
    The price of “convenience”.

  4. i think the cell phones should take a survey of parker people !!!

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