Black bear in Havasu

Arizona Game and Fish confirms the reports of a black bear in Lake Havasu City. The News-Herald reports:

Authorities were playing a waiting game Sunday after confirming the report of a black bear near the south boat launch ramp at Lake Havasu State Park.

“There is a black bear in the park,” said Dee Pfleger, Arizona Game and Fish Department wildlife manager.

Pfleger said she received a call about 7:30 a.m. Sunday that a black bear was seen swimming in Lake Havasu near the state park’s southern boat launch ramp. Authorities confirmed the report after they located bear tracks near the ramp.

“(The bear) is holed up in the brushy area near the south ramp,” Pfleger said. “It is probably a young adult bear,” she said, adding this is the first black bear sighting in Havasu since she began working here 17 years ago. Arizona State Parks Ranger Norm Walton, who is based out of Havasu, said it the first time his 40 years with state parks that he has had a confirmed report of a bear in the area.

“Our intent is to get close enough to tranquilize (the bear) … and transport it to a release spot,” Pfleger said.

Pfleger said she doesn’t think the bear has been in the area long or there would have been more sightings reported.

“I am not surprised it is here, it is a wild animal — but it does make me wonder what he is doing all the way down here,” Pfleger said. “A bear is a wild animal. As long as it has an avenue of escape, it will choose that avenue of escape. But if it feels threatened, it could hurt people.”

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