Man flees, attempts suicide upon court decision


On October 22, 2010 at approximately 10:41 hours, William Walzak was arrested for Escape and Felony Flight (from Law Enforcement). On the above date at approximately 10:15 hours, William Walzak was appearing before Superior Court Judge Richard Weiss for a pending case, at which time he was remanded to the custody of the La Paz County Detention Facility. Upon hearing this decision, Walzak ran from the Court Room, got into a vehicle and drove away with Detention Officers and other Court personnel attempting to stop him.

While driving back to his residence (northbound on State Route 95), Walzak was spotted by Deputy M. Harris from the La Paz County Sheriff’s Office. Once Deputy Harris had the assistance of Parker Police Officer J. Irwin, they attempted to make a traffic stop between the River Island Market and Holiday Harbor. Walzak refused to pull over for the Officers and continued driving until reaching a friend’s home in Holiday Harbor. Upon arriving at the residence, Walzak jumped from the vehicle in an attempt to make it into the home. When he realized that he was going to be intercepted prior to making it into the door, he returned to his vehicle, locked himself inside and attempted to commit suicide with a razor blade.

In an effort to save Walzak’s life, Deputy Harris broke the passenger side window and pulled Walzak from the vehicle taking him into custody. Walzak was transported to the La Paz Regional Hospital and was treated for his injuries.

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