Supervisors to hold open meeting on BLM trails

On November 3rd, at 6pm at Parker High School-Multi Purpose Room (1600 Kofa), the La Paz County Board of Supervisors is holding a work session to discuss the BLM ”Trail Closure” issue impacting La Paz County and surrounding areas.

If you are an ATVer, offroader or just enjoy our beautiful desert and its trails you will definitely want to attend. This meeting is to inform the public about this issue. We will have members from the Arizona Sun Riders Club, also from Parker Four Wheelers who will be in attendance.

This will have a huge financial impact on our economics here in La Paz County if these trails are closed. This is a County wide issue that impacts not only our residents but the thousands of winter visitors who come and enjoy our beautiful desert and its trails. We hope you will join us and help support keeping our trails open.

If you have any questions on this meeting please call the La Paz County Board of Supervisors for more information: (928) 669-6115


  1. I wonder why the Board Of Supervisors would show up for this meeting but NONE of them would show up for the meetings held around the county to talk with Jim Willett, CEO of Yakima (That LaPaz county owes MILLIONS to)

  2. Dan Field explained that their legal counsel warned them against negotiating the complicated case at Blake Primary School. But I thought Field represented them well.

  3. Yes, but remember, ALL Board of Supervisors campaigned on negotiating NOT litigating. They lied! Doesn’t matter what Dan Field says!!! He is NOT the attorney for the Sups.. He;s the County Administrator. We’ve seen this movie before in Quartzite, and it’s ended with the town government we have now…. a disaster!

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