Judge race too close to call

The election of the next Justice of the Peace for La Paz County Precinct 6 is still too close to call, according to County Recorder Shelly Baker.

“Late early” ballots still remain to be counted, and “Provisional conditional” ballots must be counted too. There are 392 votes in total which have not been counted in the unofficial results; 166 of these will affect the voting for Justice of the Peace.

According to unofficial results, Charlene Shontz-Weis leads closest challenger Rich Tozer by only 32 votes, so the fact that 166 votes are still to be counted in that race means the race cannot be called for either candidate yet.

Clerk of the Board Donna Hale says the Final Unofficial Results will most likely be announced next Tuesday afternoon, after the Recorder’s Office has had time to count and check the validity of every last one of the 392 outstanding.

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  1. regardless of the outcome of the jp race Rich Tozer should be complimented for the way he ran his race. He worked hard, smart, and was not in any way offensive to anyone. good job Rich

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