Peaches for all!

Parker to be just peachy this holiday season

The sight reminds me of that scene in Lord of War with Nicolas Cage where they land a plane full of guns in the African desert and a hoard of locals come and take everything away; not only the guns, but the plane too in parts, until it’s left a skeleton of its former self sitting on a dirt road. (See clip here.)

A semi truck carrying frozen, sliced peaches was involved in a collision near Parker this morning, leaving it unfit to drive. The insurance company for the trucking company told Mark’s Towing in Parker to “get rid of” the peaches, as they’ll just rot in the truck otherwise.

Those who wanted to make their Thanksgiving a little peachier, and who had room in their freezers for 30 pounds of peaches (per case), came and took the peaches for themselves, and many went to civic organizations, shelters and other groups who could use them.

I’m not sure how many pounds of peaches went out today from Mark’s Towing, but it was surely well into the thousands. It’s going to be a very peachy Thanksgiving in Parker. As the song goes:

Millions of peaches, peaches for me,
Millions of peaches, peaches for free…

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  1. Yea! I picked up a box, made 14 bags out of it and everyone at work got a bag. Thanks John, Mark & Jumba Juice!

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