Flu shot update

Press release from La Paz County Health Department

The La Paz County Health Department has completed this year’s school based influenza clinics. For the second year in a row, the health department has offered the influenza vaccine to children in the local schools. With the assistance of each school, informational consent packets were mailed to parents with children enrolled in pubic school. The informational consent packets were returned to the school and those children with parental consent were given an influenza vaccination. Children under age 9 should have a second flu shot 30 days later if this was the first dose of flu vaccine they have ever received in their lives. Parents can bring their children to the health department on Tuesdays for 8 – 11 am and 1 – 4pm. If you are not sure about the status of your child’s influenza vaccine please call the La Paz County Health Department.

Influenza in children of all ages can cause severe infections leading to missed school, doctor visits and hospitalizations. Hospitalization rates for preschoolers are similar to the hospitalization rates among high-risk adults. Public Health officials and Children’s experts stress the importance of vaccinations for:

  • Everyone 6 months and older with chronic diseases of the heart, lung (including asthma) or kidneys, diabetes, or immunosuppression including HIV infection
  • Children (6 months -18 years of age) who are receiving long-term aspirin therapy
  • Children who are household contacts of other children or adults with high-risk medical conditions because children most often are the ones who bring flu into a household
  • Children aged 6-23 months who are at substantially increased risk for influenza-related hospitalizations
  • Household contacts and out-of-home caretakers of young children up to 23 months of age (particularly those caring for children age 0-6 months who are to young to be vaccinated)

In addition, flu vaccine may also be used in consultation with a health care provider for any other persons aged 6 months and older who wish to reduce their risk of influenza infection.

Influenza is a highly contagious illness causing an average of 36,000 deaths and 114,000 hospitalizations per year in the United States; pneumonia is the most common complication in high-risk groups. Influenza, unlike the common cold, has a swift onset of severe symptoms beginning with two to seven days of fever, headache, muscle aches, extreme fatigue, runny nose and sore throat, and a cough that is often severe and may last seven days or more.


  1. Here’s food for thought before you do something you regret for a very long time…


  2. Science? I don’t think a study by HMO’s is really scientific! How’s that HMO thing worked out for America?

  3. It isn’t a study by an HMO. It’s a study by a collaborative team brought together by the CDC to do independent research, one of many which verifies the safety of vaccinations.

  4. I respectfully disagree!!! I didn’t say “an ” HMO. And the CDC is an entirely different can of worms

  5. SPAM.

  6. John, that was not spam and you know it!

  7. How many more links did you have, Michael? Sorry, when you’re just adding links ad nauseum to a thread (that was the 4th in a row)… it’s spam.

  8. That’s an interesting take on spam, John. Each one of the links you deleted were scientific and added over several weeks. It’s not like I sat down today and added them at once. In fact, you approved them until I added the best one that I found today. (Then you delete ALL of them?????) Do you always run from the truth?

    Whenever I found a good article that refuted your statements above and it was based on sound science, not pseudo science, I added it.

    And for what it’s worth I have hundreds of links I could add that document how unsafe the vaccines are but only added the best ones. Good luck at keeping your readers in the dark on this very important subject.

    Restore your credibility John and reinstall the links for all to see. Let the people decide if the information I’ve provided is BS, NOT YOU!

  9. Michael- Yes, I always run from the truth.

  10. Be strong John. The Truth Shall Set You Free!

  11. Hey john, did you see the Fox News article that said the doctor who claimed there was a connection between Autism and vaccines was determined to have falsified his research. He is no longer allowed to practice medicine in England anymore.

    I like how “brasschecktv.com” is considered scientific but the world heath organization is not.

  12. RR- Of course; it’s utter nonsense. Only by being so selective as to be laughable and so given to conspiracies as to be almost deranged could you come to such conclusions. Not only that; these are dangerous fallacies to hold. The harm to society that’s being done by this lunacy has been quantified extensively by a Wired magazine cover story – wired.com/magazine/2009/10/ff_waronscience – well worth a read.

  13. John,
    You have no credibility. You delete the posts I included which were actually scientific, then go on to attack me as some kind of conspiracy theorist for posting the truth. I like how you align yourself with someone who attacks an organization that merely reports information, and also believes the W.H.O. is some kind of honest organization. The W.H.O is the UN’s public health arm and also wants to impose a tax on the internet to fund its socialist agenda. Socialism is just another word for communism. So keep your readers in the dark John. It’s what you do best. How did that not telling the public about Yakima work out for your community?

    R.R. Post the link to that Fox News article.

  14. I read your article in the link, John. Paul Offit? Really??? He’s nothing but a shill! And you call that reporting?


  15. Dude, your view of which sources are credible and which ones aren’t is odd, to say the least. We could trade links all year (http://www.webmd.com/brain/autism/news/20110105/bmj-wakefield-autism-faq), but I’m fairly sure it’s not worth it. The enclaves of puesdoscience have many homes on the web and need no encouragement from me!

  16. I knew, I just KNEW you would come back with a comment like that, since you are so adverse to the truth. Let your readers dwell on this.


    P.S. And while you are at it why don’t you re-post the ones you deleted of mine. You keep adding links ad nauseum yourself, you are showing your true censoring colors all the time here. Must make your bosses proud! You going to call your buddy R.R. for backup?

  17. Sorry, try this instead John, and anyone else who wants to learn.

  18. Looky here John. It didn’t take me long to discover your credible source is a fraud!!! Anyone believing web md beware.


  19. R.R.
    This just out. Once again a “prestigious” medical journal caught misleading the public to cover for their big pharma friends. Question EVERYTHING on mainstream media!


  20. The reporter who accused the doctor of falsifying his research is a liar and a fraud. This proves the innocence of the doctor, without a doubt!!!


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