La Paz BOS Meeting this morning

A meeting started at the Board of Supervisors boardroom this morning includes:

  • River Ratz Bar & Grill liquor license extension for a Toys for Tots Motorcycle Ride on Sunday, December 5, 2010; located at 3363 Riverside Drive, Parker.
  • Approve installation of four “72 Hour Parking, towing will be at owner’s expense” and “No Dumping” signs at the County right-of-way at Cienega Spring Launch Ramp.
  • Adopt Resolution No. 2010-31, designating the “State of Arizona Counties Communication Network” hereby known as “SACCNet” as a County-wide Strategic Initiative and establish as a County Emergency Services Project in La Paz County.
  • Approve election results
  • Approve authorizing a Temporary Use Permit from the Bureau of Reclamation for the Oxbow Bridge Rehabilitation Project
  • Approve additional asphalt for the B95/Riverside Improvement Project, a budgeted item, in the amount of $21,016.72

The meeting started at 10am at 1108 Joshua Avenue in Parker. It will be followed by a worksession at 3pm with the Colorado River Indian Tribes to discuss Task Force jurisdiction matters.

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