High Court denies County’s Yakima appeal

The Arizona Supreme Court has denied La Paz County’s petition to review its request for an appeal. The latest in the ongoing legal embroilment with Yakima Compost Company is expected to put the onus back upon the County Board of Supervisors to negotiate a settlement with Jim Willett, Yakima’s owner. Some attempts have been made in the past, but the Supervisors appear to have wished to extinguish all legal options first. That seems to now be the case.


  1. What we expected. A few crazy folks sat out at the Pop Harvey Park in the 120 degree heat of the summer of 2006 yelling this at us. Ouch.

  2. What will the Einsteins at County do now?

  3. call a time out and ask Yakima to negotiate?
    The BOS brain trust we elected will say they did everything they could. Like Obamas election we are slaves of our own stupidity. They said they would negotiate then the lawyers got to them. The recall folks were labeled heretics and here we are. At least I signed the petition!! Bye La Paz County

  4. Negotiate now??? It’s a little late in the game for that. At least Holly’s husband got a new job out of it, and John Drum was able to get a couple relatives hired on as well. Stupid politicians.

  5. Ok, so now we will hear for the next 8 months how broke we are and the La Paz County employees have to “bite” the bullet. Well finally the BOS tells the truth, cause we will be broke.. Just a reminder to Parker Live, The recall against Sheriff Lowery Failed to obtain the reqired signatures. So what do they do now, take another recall petition out.. give me a break, this recall committee is targeting the wrong elected official. So lets see now they have another 120 days to obtain the reqired signatures, that takes us to end of march. Then whatever happens two elections are needed, which takes us to November 2011. And guess what then we have another election in 2012, does anybody see the problem in this recall….

  6. I’m curious who you think is the right elected official to recall, Badmoon?

  7. Excuse me, that should have been Plural, “ALL OF THEM”

  8. Pull papers on all of them and I’ll get you 100+ signatures by myself before next Sunday!

  9. I look forward to the next moronic quip Fisher has to offer. He started this failed lawsuit, funded the lawyers with public funds, meddled in the suit after his election defeat, but still walks away with a nice retirement. He’s also immune to county tax liability. This debacle costs him nothing. Which is exactly what the county would have got if they had won the lawsuit. Nothing. They weren’t suing for anything.

    Fisher is extremely low-grade tactically, but really, really poor strategically.

    What’s next? Will Fisher get to defend himself for Violation of Fiduciary Duty by Breech of Contract? I doubt it. The County Attorney and current Board are either too beholding to him, or in awe of their intellectual exemplar.

    Happy Holidays.

  10. Let’s not forget Mary Scott

  11. Jerry that is a bunch of words I just don’t understand. You are acting like a graduate student in a PhD. program at THE Ohio State University. But I know otherwise. You are that dude that was cotton trader of the year and lost your farm to a US Government Illegal taking then beat the Goverment in court! So don’t try to fool us county residents with your Prima Donna bovine skatology! Oh and by the way, I remember seeing you standing in the 125 degree heat tryin to recall supervisors that created this mess!! Not that it accounts to anything! Stop tryin to be a winner! We can see right through your shenanagins!

  12. I am always reading recall this person and recall that person, what I would like to know is who will fill the position if the recall happens? It never seams to be the person who started the process. I always say if you can’t or won’t make it better quit bitching.
    Keep in mind the supervisors we have today are not the ones who started the Yakima lawsuit. But then again I also agree that they are not doing the job they said they would do during their campaigning.
    We need someone who has the gutts to stand on their own two feet and not get all wimpy because they may not get re-elected. I say do what you should do (what is best for the taxpayers) during this term and we will re-elect you for another trem.

  13. It appears that the Arizona Court of Appeals has issued a Mandate to the La Paz Superior Court to enforce the the terms of the judgement. Looks like its time for the turnip squeezing to begin. Special thanks to the current and former supes!

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