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Residents that have been issued annual permits from the La Paz County Health Department should be receiving their renewal notice in the next few weeks. Instead of an annual permit being due on the anniversary of its application, it will be due January 31st. This will include but is not limited to permits for restaurants, mobile home parks, RV parks, septic pumpers, swimming pools, hotels/motels, garbage haulers, water haulers and water vendors.

“We feel that this will simplify billing cycles, reduce the costs the Health Department spends on billing and clarify when permits are due,” explained Marion Shontz, Director for the La Paz County Health Department.

The pro-rated permit schedule went into effect July 1st and the La Paz County Health Department sent out statement notices to all permit holders notifying them of their balance and anticipated renewal amount for the year of 2011.

Read on for Frequently Asked Questions.

Q. What if I just paid for my annual permit in May? Do I have to pay again in January?
A. Yes, but in January you will pay a reduced amount since your permit payment was for a year and you will receive full credit for that amount.

Q. So does that mean I will be paying twice in one year?
A. Some people will be paying twice in order to bring their permit up to date with the new schedule.

Q. Why are you changing to this new system? I liked the old system better?
A. The Health Department really feels that this new system will be a benefit to the permit holders, especially those with multiple permits. Instead of having permits due in different months, all permits will be due January 31st. The new system also allows for a budget reduction within the Health Department.

Q. What if I forget to pay my permit?
A. Late permit renewals will be accessed a late fee.

Q. How does this new process affect new permits?
A. New permits will be pro-rated up to December and the renewal rate will be a full year.

Anyone with questions about the new system or for clarification about their permit can call Mary Bierbrodt at the La Paz County Health Department at 928-669-1100 or email HYPERLINK “mailto:

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