Monday’s Supervisors Agenda

The La Paz County Board of Supervisors will be meeting on Monday (Dec 6th) at 10am. Here are some of the items on the agenda. The meeting, as always, will be open to the public.
  • Approve Local Transportation Assistance Funds (LTAF II) grant application for the La Paz County Transit Program
  • Approve rezoning on Flying J Road in Ehrenberg to allow an RV park
  • Approve rezoning to Suburban Ranch to come into compliance for a 1.17 acre property in Bouse
  • Approve a special use permit to allow a second dwelling on a property in Cibola
  • Approve proposal with The Blues Company to allow production of 4 musical events in 2011 at La Paz County Park
  • Approve submission of the Fill the Gap “General Fund Assistance Program” for funding for the court system and probation
  • Approve purchasing a Sputum Induction Unit for the Health Department ($2,900), 100% grant-funded
  • Appoint a Sergeant and 3 Dispatchers to the Sheriff’s Department
  • Appoint a Custodian to Facilities Maintenance
  • Possibly lengthen the 90 day limitation on temporary employment

The Supervisors will probably also go into Executive Session with their attorneys (not open to the public) to consider its position in relation to the recent Supreme Court decision on the Yakima lawsuit.

The meeting will be held at the Boardroom at 1108 Joshua Avenue in Parker, AZ.


  1. Why do the Sup’s. need to go into Executive Session regarding the Yakima lawsuit? And how would this blog know it’s going to probably happen?

  2. Go to and under BoS, read the agenda for the Supervisors meeting. At the bottom is for them to “discuss” going into Executive Session with their lawyers to discuss what they’re going to do.

    That along with the fact they ALWAYS go into Executive Session when discussing Yakima, is how the blog knows what’s probably going to happen

    The BoS says they cannot discuss pending litigation in public. Personally, since this pending litigation effects the public FAR more than the Lawyers and the Supes themselves, it SHOULD be public. The taxpayers SHOULD be allowed to give their input.

    But that’s not going to happen. After all, we’re all ignorant sheep, and Dan Field and the Supes know what is best for us. Right? /rolls eyes

  3. This is another example of abusing Executive Session. Politicians do this so they can hide their shameful actions from the bright lights of the public.

  4. Or discuss ongoing litigation. I don’t know of any legislative body that discusses litigation in public meetings, at the city, county, state, national or international levels.

  5. On the other hand, I don`t know of any legislative body would start a lawsuit without at least offering some explanation to the public. Especially when their own insurance company refused to provide coverage citing “appears to be a deliberate breach of contract by the County”.

  6. John, you are wrong.

    The U.S. historically is applauded for hanging our issues in “the storefront” for everyone to see. We also have “sunshine laws” in Arizona to insure the politicians do the people’s business with the sun shining in. The reason why the US made this part of American culture and law from the late 1700’s was to prevent Yakima type situations from escalating. To think we built the greatest, most powerful, wealthy and inclusive democracy by hiding our business in the shadows is ignorant. We are the most ethnically diverse country in the world because of our openness.

    There was no secret Nixon was being investigated for crimes against the people and government. There was no secret about Kennedy’s intentions during the Bay of Pigs when we were threatened. Reagan didn’t mumble when he told Gorbachev to tear down the wall of communism so to bring democracy to billions of people.

    Just the same, the Contra hearings were also televised. Congress brought the Auto CEO’s and Bankers for their day under the heat lamp.

    To hide is to admit wrongdoing and a chronic lack of leadership.

    We too have our “warts” as a Nation, but we still poke our face out front everyday, for all to see. That’s what leaders do.

    You benefit from the US Constitution’s First Amendment, I expect you to have more respect for our other traditions as well. If we want the Yakima discussion in public, it should be so. And you should report it.

  7. If this issue had been thoroughly reported by the press in La Paz County if would never have happened. Far too many unanswered questions to ever get any traction.

  8. You’re right, guys…. it’s all my fault.

  9. No, not you`re fault but as one of only two media outlets in La Paz you could made a difference, and didn`t.

  10. Actually Jerry Boards have the right to discuss legal issues in executive session:

    3. Discussion or consultation for legal advice with the attorney or attorneys of the public body.

    4. Discussion or consultation with the attorneys of the public body in order to consider its position and instruct its attorneys regarding the public body’s position regarding contracts that are the subject of negotiations, in pending or contemplated litigation or in settlement discussions conducted in order to avoid or resolve litigation.”

    You’re right that there was no keeping the investigation of Nixon secret, however did everyone know what was found when it was found? No. The reason? To keep information close to the vest so as to not give the investigatee a way to hide that for which the investigator was looking. Boards should act in the best interest of the people and as such do require at times “privacy.”

    That being said, the board didn’t act in the best interests of the people of La Paz county. This is where they should not be shielded from paying for their actions.

    There is no reason to not have a public discussion on the matter. Mr. Willett could call a meeting to discuss it, ask the Supervisors to show up and give their side of the story and when they cower in the corner because the screwed the pooch, so-to-speak, he can make his case.

    I also believe that Parker Live Online has done more than enough to report this. Good job John!

  11. And all water under the bridge now. But worth remembering for the future.

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