CRIT largest recipient of federal stimulus funds in County

Parker Live has been taking a look at Recovery Act spending in La Paz County. A total of $17 million in stimulus funds has been allocated within La Paz County (around $855 per capita), much of it going to the Colorado River Indian Tribes in the form of grants.

Here are some of the notable checks written as grants to La Paz County entities from the federal stimulus program:

  • $4,561,213 to CRIT for the “construction of a new juvenile detention facility” on the reservation.
  • $3,089,908 to CRIT for “road and bridge repair and restoration on various roads and bridges” on the reservation.
  • $1,948,590 to Parker Unified School District for various education-related funding.
  • $1,800,000 to CRIT for improvements to the airport.
  • $945,480 to CRIT for housing block “construction, acquisition, rehabilitation.”
  • $720,000 to CRIT for Road Construction Project CRIR 10(1) Phase 1.
  • $71,202 to La Paz County relating to the administratition and management of criminal justice programs.

The total amount in stimulus funding allocated to the Colorado River Indian Tribes is $11.6 million, almost 70 percent of the total allocated in La Paz County.

Some loans were also made to entities in La Paz County, most notably $1,150,000 to Salome Shopping Center. (This must be paid back and is available only to entities unable to get commercial loans for business.)

For more details, or to track the allocations of stimulus funding, click here.

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