Dogs for adoption

Parker Animal Shelter has steady opportunities for the adoption of animals like dogs and cats, and these can normally be done for a relatively small fee to people with good homes. Here are three dogs at Parker Animal Shelter now who need a home.

This is Bear, a very friendly Shepherd mix available for adoption. He does need neutered, which normally costs $80, but a generous donor will cover $30 of that cost. With the adoption fee of $15, Bear can be a part of your good home for only $45.

This German Shepherd mix is also called Bear. He loves people and hasn’t barked at all since being at the shelter. He is already neutered, so can be adopted for only $15.

This is Thunder. He is a Heeler mix, a good dog who needs neutered and can go to a good home for $45 total, including the cost of neutering and adopting.

The shelter also has many puppies, kittens and other animals for adoption. To look or volunteer just stop by 309 7th Street or call 669-8774.


  1. The middle dog was adopted by Shirley Williams of the Las Vegas Blues Company, the provider of talent for the new music festivals starting in Parker on February 26 at La Paz County Park.

    Thanks Shirley!

  2. Hi I am interested to adopt one of the puppies who’s mom was killed. Heard about it and would love to help please let me take one

  3. I am looking for a small Chiweanie (Chihuahua-Dachshund). Mix ,male or female ,between one and four years old , my 12 1/2 year old passed away recently

  4. Hoping to find a senior female dog,who likes to cuddle and go for car rides.
    My baby passed suddenly after her spleen fell over her stomach. Its time for me to offer another senior a forever home.

  5. March 1 2020. Looking for Chihuahua puppies.
    I’m disabled and want a lap puppy.

  6. Looking for a small to medium size dog. My husband has cancer and I would love to give him a pet for a companion. We love dogs out last one was a rotty and had to be put down because she had cancer.

    If you have any small to medium size let me know. Thank you.
    Linda Scott

  7. I’m looking for a Corgi mix. About a year old female please. I’m going to train her for a Service dog. Mine just died in November. I really need another one asap.

  8. I’d love to have a dog My Bishon died and I miss him so much he was only 7yrs old I can only get a sm dog due to regulations where I live .I d like a female no males please .I thank anyone who can help me I live in Havasu

  9. how old is thunder n is he still avaliable

  10. Want small aprox 10 pound female toy poddle . I am a senior so need small light weight pup to carry . She can be semi senior also. I hope you can find my perfect little love bug.

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