Court releases public funds

A court has quashed the Writs of Garnishment that placed a freeze on $12 million of public money induced by Yakima Compost Company, which is owed $13m by La Paz County.

Yakima’s action, which prompted an emergency to be declared in the County yesterday, has been the subject of public outrage and controversy. The hearing took place in front of a crowded courtroom with standing room only. A representative of Wells Fargo Bank on the phone informed the Court that the money was still in the account untouched.

Click here for more details, reported live from the courtroom earlier today.


  1. Man in the Shadows

    Well that was close and the board of supervisors and Mr. Fields should now know that Yakima is serious.

    I am sure that right now Mr. Fields and the rest of our county government are walking around saying I knew we would win that and that was an illegal writ but heres the bottom line.

    This should not have happened in the first place. The boards lack of caring about the county employees is seen in this action.

    The lack of caring about the people of La Paz County are seen in this action.

    The current board may not be responsible for this Yakima situation happening but they are surely responsible for the current state of the county in thier lack of fulfilling thier campaign promises by taking care of this Yakima issue.

    If they were not so busy trying to figure out how to keep the county down, open useless roads to no where at an expense that has still not been disclosed and except launch ramps to maintain at the countys expense we might have had an answer to the Yakima action.

    I have never in 20 plus years felt so un-protected in my community as I have the past week by our Board of Supervisors.

    I cant believe for a minute that our Board of Supervisors had no idea that this was coming, or that some thing was coming from Yakima.

    I listened to the court hearing and to the Yakima Lawyer and he was correct in my eyes that they were awarded the money and its thiers.

    Shame on our County Government for this entire mess and Shame on us the people of La Paz for allowing this to happen. We were all lied to again by those we elected to watch over us.

  2. Man in the Shadows

    Oh and by the way, this is the first time that I have ever been embarrassed to be a La Paz County resident.

  3. Shadows… I concur with most of what you said. This Board did have an obligation in that they campaigned on the issue, to ensure that Yakima was made whole. I don’t agree with the court ruling, although I wasn’t their for the trial. From what I’ve read though, Yakima failed to post a bond that was required. I don’t see where the county did “wrong” but again I haven’t really paid attention to it because of the sheer hatred spewed about it.

    I do however, disagree with the assessment that the money was awarded and belonged to Yakima. I work for the school district. They are required by law to deposit THEIR/OUR money with the county and OUR money; not just the county’s money, was frozen by this writ. They had no right to freeze any monies but those of the county. So they were wrong, period.

    What really needs to happen is the board should call Mr. Willett and get this situation resolved. I believe that he has offered a relatively painless resolution to this matter and if the Board fails to get this done, they should pay for it at the polls. It’s just a shame that people want to “play” with situations that really have little impact on them. There are numerous people within the school district for whom tomorrow would have been a dire day without their paycheck. They would not have deserved that and I am certainly relieved that it was resolved for their interests.

  4. Hey man in the shadows, when I watch how this corrupt group of citizens is leading this county to hell, I’m embarrassed to be a human!!!

  5. Man in the Shadows

    RiverRobb, I agree with most of what you said but the school District employees are just as important as the rest of the county employees, sheriff’s, fire departments and public works if you think about it. No employee should have had to go through this.

  6. Man in the Shadows

    Mr. Roth, I am wondering why with all that has happened, someone has not started a recall on the supervisors or asked for the resignation of Fields?

  7. Man,
    I talked to Dan Field today. He said he likes what he sees when he looks in the mirror. Why hasn’t anyone done anything about removing him? You first! Pull papers on all of the Supervisors AND Sam Vederman AND George Nault and we’ll have us a party!!!

  8. Keep watch on Roth cause he will soil your town. We feel luccky he dont live in Salome. I feel bad for people in Quartzsite cuase I know plenty there. he had been caught and exposed here. He has already been caught and exposed in Yavapai County to. Does anyone else know where hes also been caught and exposd.

  9. Billy Wayne,
    Do you live in Salome? (###### ####### ######## #######) Fill me in about Yavapai. Enquiring minds want to know

    No insults. -J

  10. You know Mr. Roth, heres one of your major malfunctions. This is an issue where, for once, most of the county agrees with you. Rather than go with that, you want to use it as a soap box to complain about other officals you have a beef with.

    “Yeah, the BOS sucks! Recall them! And Sam Vederman! and George Nault! And Nancy Pelosi and Obama!”

    While the latter two were exagerations, they have as much to do with Yakima as Sam and George. Save attacking them for stories that actually have something to DO with them.

    We need to stay focued on the BoS and Dan Field. THEY are the problem with this and they deserve the critisim. Show a little restraint, stay on topic, and avoid the personal insults of those who disgree with you; and maybe that “Quartzsite Crazy” label can be wahsed away. You mire valid points with vitriol and personal vendettas. You’re on the winning side in Yakima, stay on point and maybe you’ll earn some credibility.

  11. I will lay it all out. The county got a huge victory today. The ruling showed that Willett was out break the backs of the employees. Not only was he out to hurt the employees he is now threatening their jobs. So now he wants to hurt the county employees, I have a question for him. What is your final offer?

    Willett you have come on her and in the paper and spewed your rhetoric. What is it you will accept from this county? You say there have been no negotiations. What is it, the bottom line, you want to receive?

    We will see what he wants. Here is another issue I have, Mr. Roth. What were you promised by Willett? You claim you have a legitimate paper, but it is nothing more than a tabloid. You criticize John about his journalism but your paper is a rag. Let’s get real here.

    There are a few influential people, who live in this community, who are in the pocket of Willett. They are the ones who post most often here. This BOS saw a very bad situation for it’s employees and acted very quickly. They got the county employees paid. This was not what the Willett cronies wanted along with some of the county’s elected officials.

    I have lived in this county for 8 years. The past BOS brought this on. This BOS has been dealt a pretty crappy hand. They scored a victory and should be commended.

  12. Roth is someone that you shouldnt even try and talk to on here or anywheres. Just say what you say and dont answer him. Its a waste of your time becuase he will call you a thug corrupt tirant and all the other stuff he gets out of his lets have no government playbook. If he really cared about this county he wouldnt have hoped for the county to shutdown. Hes no patriot hes all ego with nothin to back it up. Funny thing is if he had got power hed call the Roth County…hes no differnt.

    M we need yo back on here to keep exposing and catchin Roth.

  13. Common sense isn’t so common anymore. Listen, these guys are all in bed together. Get rid of all of them. What’s wrong with that? Sam needs to go too because there will never be prosperity in this county with a corrupt justice system. Why reward these people with letting them keep their jobs so they can continue with the tyranny? Are you an American???

    I also believe churches shouldn’t be bullied by the tax man. Here in Quartzsite we have a church that has stood up to George Nault and now is being threatened with forclosure. This was pursued because of politics (Mary Scott is the church’s neighbor. Does that tell you anything?)

    Billy Wayne, who taught you how to reed and rite?

    If anyone would like a free copy of Desert Freedom Press, the only paper exposing the lying corrupt thugs destroying freedom and prosperity in the county, call me. My phone number is 928-927-8888. You will have to give me your real name as I will not mail out a sample to anyone who hides behind a handle here.

  14. Billy Wayne-you hit the nail right square on the head.
    Common sense–right on
    Man in Shadows–amen
    miky roth–you are a disgrace to America–you asked for a jury trial–yet you complain that is wasn’t fair–typical roth.
    I can’t understand why dan field allows you and your dissidents to put your trashy paper in his place of business–namely The Grubstake.
    You are well-known here in Quartzsite, you and your ragtag group.
    Although I know Dan Field quite well, I do not nor have I ever agreed with him. Dan is only out for himself. We are very fortunate to have removed from our Town, but I’m very sorry for the County. I warned the BOS to be very careful with him, but they didn’t listen. I blieve that Holly is under his control as is John Drum–not so sure about Sandy.
    That’s about all I have to say as it doesn’tr seem anybodys paying any attention—

  15. Gracie,
    Thanks for the laugh!

  16. It is a great thing that the County was able to stop the writs. This time. I feel for the hard working folks that run this county. In regard to the arguments that Willett is trying to screw the people I ask this, why are the supervisors and Field gambling with our tax dollars and THEY are not the ones screwing over the people of La Paz? As folks here have said, Willett has NO ties here. But the Supes and Field are supposed to CARE about the people. But they go about their business tossing tax dollars in the air while ignoring the fact that Yakima can go after the Counties money. Their actions are negligent. And it’s YOUR MONEY they are playing with. I don’t think this is the last of Yakima’s attempts to get paid. As the order says, the County had better get serious about making a deal. And the current supervisors and manager are NOT the ones to get it done.

  17. If Roth says it you need to check it.

  18. You’re on a roll Billy. How long you lived in Salome? Why does nobody know you there? Or are all your friends nobodys? Or is being from Salome just another lie of yours? Lying liars and the lies they tell is how we got into this mess

  19. People you can just not answer Roth and just check his words and find out the truth. He aint no Patriot as he claims he is. People in Quarztsite and Yavapai county can tell you that I do think so.

  20. WHAT do you think so?

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