Yakima statement

Yakima owner Jim Willett, whose name is at the center of this week’s emergency related to public money, has issued the following statement to Parker Live:

“I took the action I did because the Supervisors gave me no other choice. Over two years they have had dozens of opportunities to settle with me on favorable terms but ignored every single offer.

“Their stubborn refusal to deal with me or even acknowledge the $13.7 million Judgment has far-reaching and unexpected consequences, as you now see.

“Today it was paychecks on the line but tomorrow it may be your job. The County won a major victory today but by the narrowest of margins.”

Today’s news came as a relief to hundreds of public employees, who are now expected to place more pressure on the County Board of Supervisors to reach a resolution with WIllett.


  1. Man in the Shadows

    Mr. Willett,

    You have a very large support group with the people of La Paz County and you statement above is understandable but please please dont take this out on the good, hard working people in La Paz County. You have more support than the supervisors do and we are suffering as you are.

    County employees have not had any raises in four years now and have very crappy benefits. We are way behind the pay curve for the jobs we do here in La Paz.

    We are suffering with a board that has dumped money into a road that has been closed for years, and other projects that have been started at a great cost to the county but the exsisting employees are not taken care of.

    Please remember that the people of La Paz are good people trying to make a living and the loss of our jobs would land us living on the streets.

  2. Mr. Willett with all due respect, the action you took was that of a bully. I understand your frustration, but using the hard working people of La Paz county as pawn in your situation with the BOS is just plain wrong. There were countless people who would have had a very difficult time with no paycheck tomorrow. That’s not your problem I understand, but taking your frustrations out by hurting the people is poor form.

  3. RiverRobb,
    You are wrong. The bully always has been, and looks like it always will be, La Paz County Government. Wake up! The County employees ought to, in no uncertain terms, rise up against their bosses, AKA The Board of Supervisors and Dan Field!

  4. I agree with Man in the Shadows, Mr. Willett does have a very large support group within the county, I being a county employee who has not had a raise in 3+ years felt if we were to elect a whole new board things could, and would change… oh and now the county gets a new administrator… along with a brand new fresh board… refreshing!! Finally Gene and Cliff (especially Gene) are out, things have got to get better… This new board has based all their campaign promises on working towards a settlement, sure I voted for one of them (in my district), I wanted to believe they would work towards reaching an agreement with Mr. Willett. In my heart I honestly believe every word they said they meant…until…,until, Dan Field led them in the wrong direction, the direction that the county is in today has everything to do with his egotistical “I’m a lawyer” ways, as I write this I am sure Dan is going to do his little back round check to find out who I am, my only regret that he does is that he will in all his tiny man (sorry he has a short man’s complex… my daddy is 5’6″ and has never had to compensate for his height…) ways figure out a way to fire me. I just have a hard time believing that Dan could have such an influence on the the good people we voted in to help this county… wake up Supervisors… Wake up!! Dan is NOT the Man!!!!

  5. Mr. Willett, another thing I had wondered was ‘Since it was the BOS that got us all here in the first place’, is there any way you could, well you know…somehow just go after their irresponsible, negligent department? After all as you and I know, it is they that make all the decisions? La Paz County is made up of a whole array of different entities, all of who, like you, are at the mercy of their decisions. We are hard working, loyal to our departments and the jobs we perform, a lot of us, perform and enjoy everything we do. Please do not take this out on any other than the BOS and the County Administrator (especially him), I wish the new BOS could have stood up to him as all of them are very intelligent and caring people of La Paz, I am sure this weighs heavy on their souls ( Dan has no soul) they have just have been misguided by a soul less individual.

  6. I will lay it all out. The county got a huge victory today. The ruling showed that Willett was out break the backs of the employees. Not only was he out to hurt the employees he is now threatening their jobs. So now he wants to hurt the county employees, I have a question for him. What is your final offer?

    Willett you have come on her and in the paper and spewed your rhetoric. What is it you will accept from this county? You say there have been no negotiations. What is it, the bottom line, you want to receive?

    We will see what he wants. Here is another issue I have, Mr. Roth. What were you promised by Willett? You claim you have a legitimate paper, but it is nothing more than a tabloid. You criticize John about his journalism but your paper is a rag. Let’s get real here.

    There are a few influential people, who live in this community, who are in the pocket of Willett. They are the ones who post most often here. This BOS saw a very bad situation for it’s employees and acted very quickly. They got the county employees paid. This was not what the Willett cronies wanted along with some of the county’s elected officials.

    I have lived in this county for 8 years. The past BOS brought this on. This BOS has been dealt a pretty crappy hand. They scored a victory and should be commended.

  7. Sunonshadows,
    If anyone here would like a free copy of La Paz County’s newest newspaper, call me and I’ll send you a copy. At least we are making an attempt to report real news and tell people the truth about their elected and non-elected officials. If that’s a rag to you, keep reading the Parker Pioneer. My phone number for anyone who would like a copy of the Desert Freedom Press is 928-927-8888. You will have to give me your real name as I don’t mail out free samples to people who hide behind handles like sunonshadows does. I’ve only told one person at the County about my involvement with the Desert Freedom Press and his name is Dan Field. So your post above makes perfect sense.
    The only time the Board Of Supervisors acted quickly was when paychecks were on the line. Yes, the Board was dealt a crappy hand. But it wasn’t really dealt to them it was more like handed off to them and they have done the same thing as previous boards. Remember Holly Irwin was endorsed by Dan Field and Mary Scott. John Drum has been a tool for the establishment here forever. Sandy Pierce, though I don’t think she ever was a part of the Club when she was elected, she has certainly become a Member.
    You guys can’t hide behind “we didn’t create this mess” forever, especially when you are doing the exact same thing as previous administrations.
    The County employees got their paychecks and that’s good for them. But now they need to get rid of the people who caused this problem in the first place, or it’s going to get worse!
    And fwiw, Mr. Willett has promised me nothing. I barely know the guy and have only talked to him a few times. I have however talked to him more than John Drum, Sandy Pierce and Holly Irwin have. And they all campaigned on negotiating a settlement with him. But apparently we have more important things to do like hire Holly’s husband for a brand new position that never existed, even though we are flat on our back broke in this county. As a lifelong entreprenuer it sickens me to see government weenies like you destroy prosperity. Imagine how much better off this county would be if we didn’t piss away all of this money on lawyers over blown egos.
    Don’t pull a muscle while patting yourself on the back because if I know Mr. Willett like I think I do, he hasn’t even scratched the surface yet. Heck, he hasn’t even scratched the scratch yet.

  8. If Roth says it you need to check it.

  9. Yes, Billy! Good advice. Verify that I am telling the truth and then tell 10 of your friends and we can turn this County around.

  10. Roth needs to be heard but not spokn to. I like his words for fun of it but its just for jokes to the people here in Salome. Watch him on youtube and get his Yavapai Couny papers to.

  11. Billy,
    Whatever you’re taking, cut it in half!

    Show the youtube and tell me about Yavapai. Enquiring minds want to know

  12. People you dont need to say nothin to Roth. If he says it just check it.

  13. Thanks Billy! You’re my best Booster ever!

  14. I hastily insulted you earlier last week John. Thank you for putting this up. I now believe that this site is more balanced and not so much biased.

  15. Good for you Andrew. I believe the same. This site has improved greatly in the past few weeks. Thank you too John….. really, I mean it!

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