County statement

A La Paz County press release sent to Parker Live this evening contains the following information:

  • The Judge in the case, Judge Weiss of Mohave County, was appointed by Judge Burke, who cited a conflict of interest in the case and recused himself.
  • Payroll was delayed by one day for approximately 370 County employees, but payroll will resume as normal.
  • Monies that are state or federally protected from garnishment will continue to be released to special districts and grant programs, etc.

The press release called the action by Yakima “egregious and improper, putting the safety and welfare of the County’s citizens at risk.”

The entire statement can be read by clicking here:

Judge Weiss quashed the Writs of Garnishment that were contrary to law and filed against La Paz County and as a result of the ruling payroll and essential services can resume. Late Tuesday afternoon, February 1st, La Paz County Board of Supervisors received information that Yakima Compost Company filed several Writs of Garnishment against approximately 11 million worth of public funds supervised by the county, impounding county and special district money. “Yakima tried to seize all of our bank accounts but we were able to get a reverse on the garnishment,” explained County Administrator Dan Field. “We don’t deny that Yakima is owed money but to impound everything from school district funds to payroll is shocking and an abusive tactic trying to bring us to our knees.”

The Writs were filed last Friday but La Paz County was not formally served with a notice of Writ of Garnishment and only learned of the measure late Tuesday afternoon. County Administrator Field immediately held discussions with the County’s attorney in the Yakima case to proceed with the best course of action. Since other entities were impacted by the impoundment, representatives from La Paz County, the school districts, fire districts, sanitation district, and other special districts including representatives from the Arizona Attorney General’s office joined together to ask the judge to quash the Writs so that protected monies could be released. Citing a conflict of interest, Judge Burke recused himself from the case and appointed Mohave County Judge Weiss.

A hearing scheduled for 1:30pm today ended in a quash of the Writs of Garnishment. Payroll was delayed a day for approximately 370 county employees but payroll will resume as normal and monies that are state or federally protected from garnishment will continue to be released to the various special districts and grant programs within the County.

“We are very happy with the results of the hearing. We are not happy about the Writs being filed in the first place but at least now we can make payroll and ensure that we can provide essential services to protect the safety, health and welfare of the citizens of La Paz County,” said County Administrator Field.

The County feels the action by Yakima was egregious and improper, putting the safety and welfare of the County’s citizens at risk. Yakima Compost Company attempted to impound money that is designated for school, fire, law, and other federal programs in La Paz County. Of the 11 million Yakima Compost Company attempted to impound, most of it belongs to other entities and is considered protected monies by state and federal laws. The County is pleased that the judge upheld the County’s position that the Writs were illegal.


  1. Dan Field, what a ###### ##### #######. Anyone who takes him seriously ought to have their head examined! Good luck with this guy La Paz County and Supervisors. You’re going to need it

    No insults. -J

  2. I will lay it all out. The county got a huge victory today. The ruling showed that Willett was out break the backs of the employees. Not only was he out to hurt the employees he is now threatening their jobs. So now he wants to hurt the county employees, I have a question for him. What is your final offer?

    Willett you have come on her and in the paper and spewed your rhetoric. What is it you will accept from this county? You say there have been no negotiations. What is it, the bottom line, you want to receive?

    We will see what he wants. Here is another issue I have, Mr. Roth. What were you promised by Willett? You claim you have a legitimate paper, but it is nothing more than a tabloid. You criticize John about his journalism but your paper is a rag. Let’s get real here.

    There are a few influential people, who live in this community, who are in the pocket of Willett. They are the ones who post most often here. This BOS saw a very bad situation for it’s employees and acted very quickly. They got the county employees paid. This was not what the Willett cronies wanted along with some of the county’s elected officials.

    I have lived in this county for 8 years. The past BOS brought this on. This BOS has been dealt a pretty crappy hand. They scored a victory and should be commended.

  3. Sunonshadows,
    If anyone here would like a free copy of La Paz County’s newest newspaper, call me and I’ll send you a copy. At least we are making an attempt to report real news and tell people the truth about their elected and non-elected officials. If that’s a rag to you, keep reading the Parker Pioneer. My phone number for anyone who would like a copy of the Desert Freedom Press is 928-927-8888. You will have to give me your real name as I don’t mail out free samples to people who hide behind handles like sunonshadows does. I’ve only told one person at the County about my involvement with the Desert Freedom Press and his name is Dan Field. So your post above makes perfect sense.

    The only time the Board Of Supervisors acted quickly was when paychecks were on the line. Yes, the Board was dealt a crappy hand. But it wasn’t really dealt to them it was more like handed off to them and they have done the same thing as previous boards. Remember Holly Irwin was endorsed by Dan Field and Mary Scott. John Drum has been a tool for the establishment here forever. Sandy Pierce, though I don’t think she ever was a part of the Club when she was elected, she has certainly become a Member.

    You guys can’t hide behind “we didn’t create this mess” forever, especially when you are doing the exact same thing as previous administrations.

    The County employees got their paychecks and that’s good for them. But now they need to get rid of the people who caused this problem in the first place, or it’s going to get worse!

    And fwiw, Mr. Willett has promised me nothing. I barely know the guy and have only talked to him a few times. I have however talked to him more than John Drum, Sandy Pierce and Holly Irwin have. And they all campaigned on negotiating a settlement with him. But apparently we have more important things to do like hire Holly’s husband for a brand new position that never existed, even though we are flat on our back broke in this county. As a lifelong entreprenuer it sickens me to see government weenies like you destroy prosperity. Imagine how much better off this county would be if we didn’t piss away all of this money on lawyers over blown egos.

    Don’t pull a muscle while patting yourself on the back because if I know Mr. Willett like I think I do, he hasn’t even scratched the surface yet. Heck, he hasn’t even scratched the scratch yet.

  4. John, I said a steaming pile of manure. I didn’t call him a POS like your buddy did in another thread. I’m unclear about your rules.

  5. Point me to the link and comment number and I’ll delete that too.

  6. You know where it is, we’ve already discussed this. Besides, I’m against censorship

  7. That’s because you have no concept of libel laws or how they pertain to online discussions, and no respect for basic civility.

  8. Wrong John! I’m on the internet everyday and you are the only person to ever censor me, and it’s always in the other sides favor. Good luck with that my friend. You have no idea what times we are living in and plain spoken and even blunt truth is needed more now than ever!

  9. truth
    –noun  .
    1. the true or actual state of a matter:
    2. conformity with fact or reality; verity: the truth of a statement.
    3. a verified or indisputable fact, proposition, principle, or the like: mathematical truths.

    1. a belief or judgment that rests on grounds insufficient to produce complete certainty.
    2. a personal view, attitude, or appraisal.

    I suggest you study these two definitions and learn them Mike. I think you’re getting one confused with the other.

    And FYI, REAL Newspapers don’t have “Rumor Mill” Columns. Tabloid is a much more descriptive term. Its as bad as the old Sun Times, just without the actual newspaper printing machine.

    Maybe for the next issue you can put in a picture of Jeff Gilbert with Aliens at Area 51 as they help him forge Obama copies of a Hawaii Birth Certificate. Your crew has no problem selectively editing videos and writing about unverified information. Why not add a little photo-shopping to make it more interesting. No difference.

  10. Roth- I’ll take one more comment to tell you the problem here. You tend to see everything In terms of conspiracy. The Town is against you. The Court. Now I’m censoring you and no one else. You should recognize this tendency and compensate for it.

  11. You’re real smart John. Keep up the great work!

  12. John, you do an amazing job on this site. This not the place to voice anyone’s personal vendetta’s, or paranoia (probably spelled that wrong). Nor should anyone be obsessed about commenting on every post that has ever been on Parkerlive. I guess you could say that MRoth is your biggest fan? Keep up the good work. By the number of hits you get, I’d say you’re doing something right.

  13. I’m a HUGE fan of John Wright. Thanks for noticing Yaqui. I want him to continue doing what he does. He’s done more to shine the light on the cockroaches in La Paz County Government than he’ll ever know

  14. Give it up roth–your way out of line–you say the rag that you and the dog woman has prints the truth—you would’nt know the truth if it jumped up and bit you.
    You fit right in with the times and the gem–half-truths and outright lies.

  15. Gracie, what have you done for your community lately? (besides bitch!)

  16. I aint book smart. Just a hard workin person. Roth will say anythng he wants to make a point and he dont care if its true. he has been cuaght and exposed before. People just dont fall for it. I have been able to get him exposed in Salome and people in Quarzsite are aware. Ithink the Parker people know to. He will always be the Quartszite jester. Watch him on youtube its fun and look up his Yavapai county folly. I just write what I want and not answer him because he will callyou corrupt liar tirant free speech squasher thug and its all script from his lets have no goverment playbook.

  17. WOW, Billy. Who helped you write that?

  18. If Roth says it you need to check it.

  19. I’ll pray for you Billy. You need help. If you ever want to just talk you can call me at 928-927-8888

  20. We need to keep leeting all the people know Roth just a pawn of his master.

  21. Billy, don’t lose my number…

  22. Roth–what have you done? Does complaining about everything mean the same as Bitching? You are the expert about complaining–town–government-county–give it up roth–get a job–help your wife with the expences–#### ########.
    Billy- sounds like you know him pretty well– #########

  23. Gracie,
    I’ve done a lot more than you, and I’ll never stop being a pain in the butt as long as the thugs destroying Quartzsite and the County remain in power. And your slanderous remark earns you ### of the month points. This is exactly what Jeff Gilbert did at town hall. (all on video) Disgusting, you two. Is that you Sondra? Trying to protect Jeffy’s job? Are you going to get up and cry at the town council to save his job again? We wouldn’t be in this place if you guys didn’t go overboard in the first place. Everyone, except you, knows Quartzsite is a living nightmare because of the Dan Field Legacy. Now he’s doing it to the rest of the County.

  24. Gracie – you broke the rule by talkin to roth. All it gets you is being called names. He needs attentionlike a liitle kid. Watch youtube. I know what my Quartzsite peopel tell and I check google and its all I need. I like his free speech for comedy and I just wanted all to know you need to check what he says and its prioven wrong alot and as long as we keep exposing him thats all it takes. Salome and Quartszite and Yavapai Coutny know. I like it that he dont work cause he keeps the laughs going.

  25. Billy,
    You keep saying I was exposed by you and you’ve proven me wrong, and something about youtubes and Yavapai County and now google…. how about posting up some facts with your drivel. Your arguments are as good as your writing. At least the thinking people of La Paz County know I am fighting for truth and honesty from those that rule over us. Dan Field started this mess in Quartzsite. (Actually he started this a lot earlier than Quartzsite) Now he’s doing the same to the County (again) that he did here. I, and a few others, are going to put an end to the insanity you worship.

    You’ve repeatedly said you are from Salome. Prove it or everything you’ve ever said is a lie

  26. The Roth show is 24/7 and its best thing in these parts since hogsfeet. Just read and laugh cause roth dont make no sense and Roth dont have no facts to it. It made up mostly of half trues and its been proven wrong lots by and others and roth knows it. the good thing about this is we can tell true things expose and catch Roth and not have to talk to him, He think we need to talk to him so he can call us names and that dont make sense to me. This site is for the the good people to keep exposin Roth. He aint no patriot as he claims. Just let him ramble his words and get a cold beer and kick back for few minutes. Every place has one of these people and he is ares. Dont talk to him cuase he need attention like a little kid.The peopl in Quartszite have to live with him and thats bad for them but good for us. As lomg as he is catched and exposed we are doin good around here. Roth always attcks personal once you catch him and expose him and roth calls you thug triant corrupt liar evil dishonest and the works. Just go back and read the posts and its true I do now that. So you need to be ready for his words and just dont respnd to Roth. Just write true things and do not respond cuase whatever he says aint true mostly and most peopl now see it for theirselves. Free speech is what I like and I like it for all people and roth to and Roth speech is funny speech and we all know it

  27. BW – WTF???? Obviously you posses a bias against Roth so bad you wouldn’t believe ANYTHING he says. But in threads he does actually discuss the issue. I have yet to read anything you wrote that doesn’t just belittle and attack Roth and others. Hmm.

    Gracie – You have the audacity to compare a person that is exercising freedom of speech to a mentally unstable MURDERER? That is morally reprehensible and pathetic. I don’t agree with Roth on all matters, but you have crossed a serious line. I am surprised (maybe not) that John let that stay on the post. You sound just like what a modern Quartzsite politician. Distract, attack and vilify. Pathetic. Maybe you should take Dan’s job. Sounds like you are qualified.

  28. Thanks Lost. I wish more people stood up to these people like you do! Invite your friends to join in here. Let’s not let them win the disinfo war!!!

  29. lost in La Paz–you have to be one of the dog womans group in order to defend roth–no other American would put up with roth and his group.

  30. I am not so much standing up for Roth but for the right of an American to have a civil discourse. I don’t know what dog woman whom you refer, but I know a fascist when I see one. You have rationalized that because someone doesn’t say what you want it is ok to compare them with a maniacal murderer. You could possibly be a poster gal for the English King during the American Revolution! I am not saying Roth is RIGHT but he has a RIGHT to say what he thinks. Read 1st amendment. And trust me Gracie, PLENTY of Americans would defend his right to say what he wants. And currently are.

  31. Lost in La Paz–you are absolutly right–everyone has a right to speak what they want here in America–but keep in mind that jared was also anti government and very outspoken–it’s just auful hard not to see some comparison–if some of these people are so unhappy with the best government and the best country in the world, why don’t they leave. It’s not that I would’nt like some changes in our government, but I will not act like roth in order to achieve that purpuse. If he had more credibility and less hatred he would get a lot further.
    Guess that’s all I’ll say,except, John, can you tell me why the Parker Pioneer does not have their paper with the news online any longer?

  32. Gracie- Not sure I do know. But i know John Gutekunst had a heart attack…. maybe he’s not on the job again yet.

    I do agree with Lost re. comparing Roth with a murderer; he may be particularly unpalatable but no insults or such comparisons please. I didn’t pick up on that earlier and have now removed it. Thanks

  33. Thanks John! Unpalatable coming from you is a compliment. Too bad you weren’t born here and saw what I have seen happen to America in such a short period of time. We used to be free here but now everyone thinks it’s cool to be lazy about what it means to be an American. We’re going to pay for that dearly. Laziness is a sin!!!

    Gracie, I just spent today going door to door talking to the citizens of Quartzsite. The local government “leaders” have as much support as Obama here. The only thing that keeps them in power is force, deception and bullying. You must be proud of your hero’s! If you don’t like what we are doing to try and improve our community by removing it of the cancer that has practically killed the patient, why don’t YOU leave! (And take your lazy friends with you too!)

  34. Great Super Bowl cause I like them Packers! Clay Mathews was playing real good today. Roth aint no Patirot and he dont tell the truth very much at all I do believe. Anyways everyone keeps brakin the rule by talking to him. He only wants attention like liittle kids do I believe. Notice to he must get last words in at all times and that funny to. Roth likes calling people names like dishonest tirant corupt traiter coward and the works. he makes me laugh and he makes everyone in Salome laugh and parker is laughing now and the only peple not laughin are his Quarztsite people that have to hear him all day. There is one of these guys in every small town and he is ares. let his funny words keep on going. I hope he lets you all know about Yavapai county thing soon cuase he claims to be honest but he dont tell about that.

  35. Billy, Prove you are from Salome or everything you have ever said is a lie

  36. To all:
    We have to stop fighting ourselves, and stop putting all the attention on roth. Roths 15mins in La Paz county is over.
    The real enemy here (besides the french and the taliban) is Dan Field.
    Roth, I know you agree; but don’t contribute to the campaign to outst Field because your presence would diminish the cause. Just quietly observe. Thanks.

  37. M,
    Don’t get your pantyhose in a bunch. I’ll do whatever I want to. I have more support around the county than you do. I don’t care if you and your “friends” don’t like me. With friends like you guys who needs enemies? Where were you when I was fighting Dan Field while he was here in Quartzsite? Where were you when I ponied up and ran against Holly to try and shut Dan Field down? Where were you the past few years, while the interest on our debt from Yakima was climbing? Even though Dan Field and the Supervisors all promised to negotiate a settlement, they did nothing, and I negotiated with Jim Willett to come here and try and get this debt resolved with some face to face dialog. Did the Supervisors attend the meetings? No! But Dan Field did and he told everyone that bankruptcy is not a big deal. I wrote letters to the editor, only to be ignored. I helped start a new newspaper because there is no real reporting in this County. And where were you “M”? Hiding here behind your handle, too afraid to put your name on the line. (because if people knew the real you, you’d be run out of town) Talk is cheap “M” but it takes money to buy whiskey!

    P.S. How are YOU going to get rid of Dan Field?

  38. M you brakin the rules by talkin to roth. He just looking for attension from you like a little kid. He aint no patirot like he claims that i do beleve and I am scared that he intertwined hisself into Willets going to Quarztsite for his meeting.

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