Order releasing funds says County should pay Yakima

This is the court order issued yesterday by the Superior Court. As we reported yesterday, it stipulates that the bank release all public funds, allowing County, State and District operations to resume as normal, and it also stipulates that the County should budget to pay Yakima its Judgment (this stipulation was added at the request of Yakima’s lawyers as further impetus upon the County to make good on its debt).

Click on the order to download a full PDF copy.


  1. Good thing Dan Field and the Supervisors were there to save the day!

  2. catty-miky, but not unexpected

  3. Someone has to worship our “hero’s”!

  4. If Roth says it you need to check it.

  5. Who is Billy Wayne? He claimed to be, (or hinted to be) from Salome on another thread, but suspiciously avoids it now because he got caught in a lie. I learned a long time ago not to trust liars. Is Billy really Dan Field, or is it worse? Naah, there’s nobody worse than Dan Field.

  6. To all people here. I dont speak to Roth cause he calls everyone a liar thug corrupt tirant and the works. The people here in Salome know all bout Roth yes we do. Roth wont bother us cuase there is no place for him to be the jester. In Quartszite and Parker he has more places to go and speak out at meetings. I feel bad for you poeple out there. roth had been caught and exposed by some of us. Remember, he will say anything to get want he wants and he dont care about truth. He wants to be taken serious badly and it funny cause he only says what his masters say.

  7. Billy Wayne (not his real name) is hookd on fonix

    Admit it Billy, you don’t talk to me because you can’t have an honest and intelligent conversation

  8. Mr Wright–I want you to know that I really like what you are doing–reporting the news as it happens. It’s too bad that we all have to put up with an anarchy person like mike roth, but I guess this is one of the necessary evils that we have.
    We also have a blog put out by jade harris that is also tied in with mike roth. It also is a blog of half-truths and outright lies. But, this is America and these people also can write and speak almost creating libal and slander and they get away with it.
    So much for them, I do appreciate what you are putting up with and God help us all.

  9. Roth aint no Patriot as he claims. Hes just a mouthy Quartzste person who is in love with his self. Check his words and expose him and dont respond to him cuase its gets you called names like thug tirant liar corrupt dishonest and the works.

  10. Yeah so right Bill thanks for thinking of those of us here in Parker when it comes to Roth. Dont worry he ONLY thinks he has believers out there. Thank you Too Gracie. someday they will find a reason to keep Roth in jail.

  11. Traitors and cowards!

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