Residents pledge support for Supes

At today’s regularly scheduled meeting of the La Paz County Board of Supervisors, County Administrator Dan Field spoke about last week’s events, calling it “disheartening” that Yakima had placed writs of garnishment on all funds administered by the County Treasurer.

Field said, “I would like to apologize to all affected employees about what happened.” He said that the Board “did not need a wake-up call” and that they are committed to finding a resolution to the problem of settling the Yakima case.

The Supervisors ratified the emergency meeting last week, and their action retaining Salmon, Lewis and ​Weldon, PLC.

During Call to the Public, Yakima was on the minds of those who rose to speak. George Nault, La Paz County Assessor, spoke remembering the times in the County’s history in which people had banded together to solve a problem in community spirit, saying that the County should deal with this problem together. “The attorneys are the ones winning,” he said. He proposed one solution of his own: a nickel, dime or 50 cent rise in taxes to pay for the Judgment over a period of years. “Success is how high you bounce when you hit the bottom,” he concluded.

County Schools Superintendent Janice Shelton came up to say that she wanted to thank the entities which worked on last week’s payroll crisis, knowing that it was a difficult situation for which a “Plan B” had needed prepared and thankfully was not needed.

Resident King Clapperton came to the podium to express his frustration about the Yakima problem, and addressed the current Board of Supervisors and the County Administrator, saying, “As one of your many employers, you’re fired.” This was greeted with applause by a person in attendance.

Others came up to express support for the Board “…and the hand they’ve been dealt.” One remarked, “It is not your fault. Some people don’t understand what it is to have public lands that you can’t give away.” This appeared to be a reference to the calls for some to just give Yakima the County Landfill. Another made the comment, “There’s a perception that you’re not doing anything, [I know that’s not true].”

Finally, Quartzsite resident Michael Roth arrived at the podium with a camcorder running, saying, “John Drum says we have no money. Well we had enough money to hire Holly’s husband.” At this point he exchanged words with Drum, who said, “We’re not going to bash anybody’s husband.” Roth replied, “This is Call to the Public, not ‘Talk back John Drum’ time.” Drum threatened to adjourn the meeting if Roth did not calm down, and when Roth continued his tirade, Drum adjourned the meeting at 12:50pm with continued protests from Roth. Roth left the building yelling while others in attendance told him, “Go back to Quartzsite.”

Overall there was not the mass protest that some expected, with some attendees afterward saying they had planned to speak in further support of the difficult decisions the Board still has to make.

The Board will reconvene in Executive Session at 1:30pm to meet with its attorneys regarding how to proceed with the Yakima case.

UPDATE: Another executive session has been scheduled for 10am Wednesday.


  1. Thanks for the mention John. Too bad you didn’t have the courage to do some investigative journalism while you were there. There is NO massive support for the Supervisors. I had an officer come up to me and say I should’ve been allowed to speak. And two snow birds pulled me asided and thanked me for standing up while the rest of the sheep do nothing. They even gave me a tip for a story that we may put into the Desert Freedom Press. See John, it doesn’t take much money to investigate stories, it only takes courage

    One thing you conveniently did not mention was that John Drum cut me off after about 30 seconds. In America we have this thingy called the First Amendment, and at public meetings anyone can say anything they want to for up to three minutes. I got less than one lousy stinking minute before traitor John Drum ended the meeting. If anyone wants to see the video of the meeting today, contact me and I’ll show it to you. We either have the Bill Of Rights or we don’t! There’s no wiggle room around this. This is still America, isn’t it?

  2. Mr Nault–you may have hit upon the answer, let’s all take a good look at it.
    Enough is enough from the loudmouth from down south. Pay him no attention and he’ll just move on.

  3. Not a chance Gracie, not a chance!

    George Nault’s answer was to raise taxes. Dumb Dumb Dumb! I tried to educate him on the logic of CUTTING SPENDING and he simply walked away. He didn’t want to hear it! Yep, I’d like to pay real estate taxes in this county with this elected clown in charge, NOT!

    Did you even listen to what King Clapperton said?

  4. Dont brake the rules by talking to roth. Roth aint no patriot everyone he just throws his stones and call you all liar dishonest traiter tirant cowerd and the works. He likes attension like ittle kids do I beleive and he likes last words all the time. Nothin you say will go without hisself given his answer and his answer be partly of trues and nothin else. Check his words cause he says anything to make them points to all peple I do beleive. The people here in Salome know bout his ways and the Quartszite people know and the Parker people got some good comedy today I do belive at the board meetin. I thank this site for reporting the quarztsite jokermen Roth at action today. Ask him bout his Yavapi county days. Gracie we want Roth to stay cause he is entertainment in these parts. Eveyrone please check his words and check them at all times cause he has been cuaght and exposed by us and the Quarztsite peolpe to I do beleive.

  5. Billy- Ironically, you are responding to Roth more than most!

  6. John – I like the site and yes you caught and exposed me I do beleive. Im adicted to this and there aint no denyin it.

  7. Billy, you are breaking your own rule! Stop talking with Roth, his 15mins are up! Tell Roth, Go back to Quartzsite!
    You have caught Roth for what he is (anarchist & bomb thrower) and county jester, I do believe……
    See you at the Ocotillo Sat. night. I am going to paint my nails red for Valentines day too, so dont make fun of me or Fred will kick yur butt!

  8. M – you catched and exposed me to I do beleive but I dont mind cuase the true status of man is to speak freely and I think Roth speaks freely and funnyly. See you at the ocotillo and maybe well see George cuase he is a gentemen and a scolar. Lets get areselfs a cold one and some good eats and lets chat bout the goings on here. I aint afraid of ole Freddy boy. he was a good ole wrastler in his day but the artritis and arterioscloeses aint helpin hisself get around here any of these days.

  9. Billy,
    Those 8 years of educumacation sure paid off!

  10. Billy, you are the best canidate in 2 years for the BOS and you need to promote your plan for election. We need to polish you up though, because you are rough! No more beer for a while…..
    I heard holly and john not going to run, so your it!

  11. Picking a winner “M”?

  12. Winner, maybe. The loser, yes.

  13. Based on your past decision making prowess, good luck with that!

  14. actionstopthetalkjackson

    This comment is intended to cause the discussion to focus on how to get on a path to solve the issue not continue to whine and moan on how we got here. We got a problem and need to start fixing it. Here goes:
    1. All elected officials take a 10% pay cut. refusal will result in recall or vote out of office
    2. BOS cut County Manager salary by 10%
    3. All county employees at or over $40,000 to take a 5% pay cut
    4. cut 10% from each operating budget
    5. Eliminate Certified Park Ranger Positions
    6. Eliminate Emergency Serivices Director and staff
    7. Cut extra salary awarded to all Chief Deputy Positions
    8. No take home cars to anyone beyond 25miles
    9. Eliminate all County Cell Phones, take home computors and other electronic devices
    10. No cost of living or step increases
    11. 1/2 cent sales tax increase
    12. All net profits from any County Enterprise going to the general fund to be ear marked for debt payment

    I am sure more can be added by those who know the internal workings within County Government. But whatever is saved by these suggestions and future suggestions is to be bundled into a yearly payment toward our debt until paid. Lets get going toward ACTION, not finding fault. I think these ideas would result in 300,000 to 400,000 toward our debt.

  15. Actions,
    This is a good start. But the debt is growing at 10% a year. This will only slow down the growth of the debt time-bomb! Right now the County’s debt is growing at 1.3 Million per year. Next year it will be close to 1.5 Million. We can’t nibble around the edges here. We need deep and permanent cuts or seriously look into taking Mr. Willett up on his offer to trade for the landfill, IF that deal is still on the table!

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