Senator Kyl to retire

Sen. Jon Kyl is set to announce that he will not seek another term in office.

Kyl was first elected to Congress in 1986 and then to the Senate in 1994.

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  1. I would like to know when Hwy 95 both north and south bound became a Nascar track. People seem to think that tailgating, drafting and pushing is appropriate driving behavior. INCLUDING our law enforcement, are they not supposed to be the example and not the exception. Especially the Sheriffs’ dept, since when do they get away with this kind of driving. It seems that tapping on your brakes and using your flashers make no difference, it just brings them closer. Now lets look at the speed limit, I was doing about 50-52 mph when a sheriff came up behind me and stayed on my back from Verde West to Bill Williams bridge and passed me, he was doing in excess of 85mph by the time I got to the 65mph sign I could barely see him, oh and he was in plain clothes. What kind of example does this give our children who are just starting to drive. Now to be fair I know that everybody speeds a little, but when law enforcement can’t or won’t adhere to the rules then how do they expect the rest of the driving public to adhere to the rules. I was told by several people that Sheriff Ponce won’t do anything about this matter and I very well become a target for retaliation and be pulled over for any little thing. So I am voicing my opinion here. And since it’s anonymous I hope that I won’t have any trouble, if so I will be writing another review

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