DUI conviction

County Attorney Press Release

On February 11, 2011, a La Paz County jury convicted Blaze Michael Miracle, 22, of Phoenix, AZ, of DUI. In Arizona, a DUI conviction will bring about a mandatory sentence of not less than 10 days in jail which may include suspended jail time, a fine, special assessments and the installation of an ignition interlock device at sentencing.

The case was heard in the Parker Justice Court with Judge Charlene Weis presiding. The case was prosecuted by Dan Terrell of the La Paz County Attorney’s Office. The investigation was conducted by Officer David Duran of the Arizona Department of Public Safety.

On June 5, 2010, Miracle was stopped for speeding and unsafe lane violations, on State Route 95, at Mile Post 149. An investigation revealed Miracle was driving his vehicle with a .130 BAC, well over the legal limit of .08.


  1. Well done County Attorney Sam Vederman. Your office has been law and order since you have been in charge.

  2. At .130 BAC even Martin Brannan would’ve gotten a conviction

  3. When Judge Michael Burke retires I would like to see Sam Vederman replace him. I hear the other candidates will be Jessica Quickle, Martin Brannan Michael Frame and Tony Rogers.

  4. I bet you do!

  5. Sam is doing a great job as county attorney, I’d like to see him stay there for a long time, and not run for Burke’s spot when he retires. Plus Sam is still pretty young (although there’s no indication on how long it’ll be before Burke retires, so he may not still be young when it happens.)

    Its nice to finally have a CA who aggressively prosecutes cases (IE, his job) and doesn’t just dismiss charges left and right because the office would actually have to work to prosecute them.

    I personally would like to see Matt Newman run for Judge when Burke retires. He has a lot of experience and has always been ethical and honest. That can’t be said for every Defense Attorney we currently have working in the county.

  6. Judge Michael Burke, like all Superior Court judges, has to retire at age 70. I believe he is 68 now.

    When someone wrote me a few thousand dollars in bad checks here in Quartzsite, Sam Vederman decided to not prosecute. (Felony Check Writing!) But when Chief of Police Jeff Gilbert didn’t like me telling the citizens of Quartzsite what his officers were telling me, Sam took my bogus arrest to trial. Yep, sounds like he would be a great judge, in the land of make believe!

    At this point I don’t completely disagree with Matt Newman, he after all did dismiss my charges “In The Interest Of Justice”. But that didn’t stop Sammy the ### and his ### pal Jeff Gilbert from taking it to a grand jury. I have talked to people on that Grand Jury and they felt they were misled, and one has even apologized to me.

    I believe the politics are so polarizing in this county that the only way we should get a new judge is with an election, not a selection, which is what a few of the above are angling for.

  7. My friends also believe Sam Vederman is doing an outstanding job. I agree with Common Sense and would like to see him remain the County Attorney for a long time if he decides he does not want to replace Judge Michael Burke.

  8. Mr. Roth I believe you’re thinking of the wrong Newman. Matt Newman is the private practice lawyer in the county. MIKE Newman is the Parker Magistrate Judge who often serves as a temp Judge for the other courts. Hes the former Police Chief of Parker PD. I do not believe Mike is a Lawyer (although someone can correct me if I’m wrong.)

    Yes, they are brothers. Sons of the former Yuma County Sheriff T.H. Newman. Its ok, you haven’t been a resident of this county very long, its understandable you wouldn’t know these things.

  9. Common Sense, Thanks but I DO know these things. Matt Newman is the one I was talking about. Matt has a private practice, his office is off hwy 95. At the time of my illegal arrest he was the town of Quartzsite’s prosecuting attorney. HE dismissed my charges in The Interest Of Justice.

    Just because I haven’t lived here as long as you doesn’t give you the franchise on what I know or not.

  10. Mr. Roth…. You are just a mean person. Someone was just trying to clarify which brother you were talking about. I guess there has to be one or two in a crowd. You’re a #### with your verbal attacks on people. Try to be civil if it is possible.

    You were tried and convicted bottom line. Get over it.

    The county lost the lawsuit to Yakama. Time to get the entire truth out on what has been done. I do believe current BOS will and has done what it can in this dilemma. It is not Dan Fields fault. It is not the fault of this BOS. I do believe it when I hear Yakama wants the entire county and did not want to negotiate. I am sure there are some Yakama cronies who have first hand knowledge.

    You not been here long, we all know this. There are people who live out of this county who like to throw their two cents. That is clear. Roth when the time comes RUN. McGuire come back and RUN. Maybe you can fix it and save us all.

  11. John, he used the “T” word. You deleted mine earlier when I referenced a real thug. Double standard?

    No, Michael, I hadn’t been here to see it yet. -J

    C’mon sonofsatan, I mean shadowofthesun, is that all you got? I’m mean? Really??? I’m a meanie!!! What are you like 2 years old or something?

    Why don’t you share with us your long list of accomplishments while you have lived here? If they are so great why do you have to hide behind a handle and still attack others?

  12. John. I really didn’t want you to delete their words, just making a point. Censorship sucks!

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