California City: the imaginary metropolis

Some Parker Live readers may be interested in this desert metropolis which never happened. AOL News reports on California City in 2011, the third-largest city footprint in California which never took off.

Half a century ago, California City was advertised as the next great West Coast metropolis, a new retirement mecca that could rival Palm Springs.

But 45 years after its incorporation, only about 15,000 permanent residents live in California City, surrounded by a sprawling network of dirt roads that crisscrosses the desert, forming the street grid of an imaginary city.

Read the article here.


  1. Reminds me of Parker South!

  2. No Roth. Parker South has 1 resident. Not 15000+! This place is New York compared to South Park….er. But South has 2 cell towers and a refinery. Making it the Town with the highest cell tower and refinery per capita on earth! Post card worthy!

  3. John, I was there when California City was being developed. Those were the times that many easterners were moving to California and they were intriged that they could buy a peice of Califonia for only a few thousand dollars. Many people did buy out there in the desert because L A just overwhelmed them with the people and the fast traffic. My folks bought a parcel as we just arrived from So Dak and we liked the wide-open spaces. We watched the finest municipal bldgs go up and we were very proud of the effort that was taking place. But, alas, the bottem seemed to fall out, but we still had the finest Town Park and the best municipal bldg in Kern co.

    We also had the finest working together people you can imagine–perhaps because we were so far away from the mainstream of the multitude.

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