Keith Learn: “Marijuana dispensaries for Yakima”

KLPZ’s morning guy Keith Learn has a way to pay La Paz County’s debt to Yakima Company: medical marijuana.

The County is expected to grant at least one special use permit for a marijuana dispensary under the state of Arizona’s new law permitting the use of marijuana for chronically ill patients. Recent public work sessions at the County and the Town of Parker established some of the specifications that will regulate the new industry locally, including zoning and other restrictions.

Yakima recently filed motions to compel the County to pay its debt, while the County meets with its attorneys in an effort to attempt resolution. A key problem is finding the money to pay the judgment.

Learn’s suggestion may be seen as partly tongue-in-cheek, but it represents the mode with which County residents and authorities are approaching the problem of trying to find revenues with which to resolve the Yakima problem.

See HERE to read through some of the other suggestions.


  1. Amazing idea! Keith, your brilliant.

  2. I’ve got my regular garden started, so I could contribute some space to help grow… so long as it would be legal for me to do so 🙂

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