Thanks, Gaddafi


  1. Depressing. I wonder how high it will go this year. So far I’ve heard speculation of $5 a gallon.

  2. Well, there may be a silver lining…. the latest news indicates a drop in oil prices after the spike, and analysts are saying they expect the prices to drop when the Middle East calms down a bit.

  3. Actually I would think it would be because of the cowardly politicians who could push for the collection of oil within our own borders. There is approximately a 200 year supply of oil in shale between Colorado to the Canadian border. We can responsibly harvest the oil and bring the oil to market. ANWR is another area that could be tapped to keep prices lower.

    That does two things… 1, it puts AMERICANS to work and 2, drives the cost of oil lower. Not only does a lower cost at the pump make it easier on people, it also keeps the costs of other commodities down, like food, clothing and the like.

    I understand what the politicians want by wanting to promote “green” jobs. It’s just that the ones who are hurt the most are the poorest in the country. Let’s save the poor first, before everything else.

  4. go navy in the spirit of reagan and bomb the Q!!!!

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