Sheriff’s alert: traffic restricted on HWY 95

Diesel truck roll over, on fire with the driver trapped. 1 mile north of 12 mile junction on SR 95. No access.

Due to vehicle accident, access on SR 95 is restricted. If traveling, divert around through Ehrenberg.


UPDATE 3:38pm: A section of SR95 will be closed at 12 mile junct for another 10 hours. There is a detour around the scene but it takes time getting around the section of highway.


  1. A time stamp on this would be helpful…

  2. This was posted at 9:11 am MST. ADOT sent this tweet out at 10:26 am:
    SR95 NB & SB, MP-131 to MP-143 (Quartzite) – single vehicle rollover with fire/HazMat

    No updates at this time.

  3. ADOT Tweet at 11:52AM

    SR95 NB & SB, MP-131 to MP-143 (Quartzite) – SB traffic detour onto Parker Blvd. ETA to open SR-95 & SR-72 is 8 hours. HazMat spill.

  4. Heard it on the scanner at 0730 (that’s 7:30 AM) and it was a little intense when they were talking about the driver possibly being inside the truck. Had to drive into town at 0900 and could see the smoke clearly.

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