New hearing in Yakima case

A new court hearing has been set in the La Paz County / Yakima case. The hearing will contain oral arguments from both sides on Yakima’s motion to compel the County to start setting aside funds and raising funds from other sources with which to pay Yakima. These other sources may include taking out bonds or selling land or other assets the County does not need for essential services. The entire process would take place under the direction of a ‘Special Master’ approved by both parties to work with them on finding the fairest solution.

The Judge ruled:

​As part of the Yakima Motion for Appointment of Special Master, therein by footnote indicate that each party may be able to submit a list of possible special masters. The Court has made preliminary contact with a retired Mohave County Judge on retired status with the bar as a possible special master. The Court does not know if these qualifications are acceptable to the parties.

​IT IS ORDERED that the parties work toward seeing whether they may agree upon a special master and/or submit a list of candidates with curricula vitae to the Court.

The hearing is set for March 24th at 10 a.m. under Judge Richard Weiss.


  1. I would much rather see a avenue such as this than a bankrupsy. I think we do have some good leaders that can handle this. I do apologise for my silly and unwarrented statements towards our elected leaders.(of our county)

  2. How about your spelling too? An avenue… bankruptcy… apologize… unwarranted… try spell check for crying out loud…

    I think selling lands would be a good idea. The county can’t seem to manage the lands it has so why not offload them to people or entities that can? There is a lot of land along the river that is undeveloped that I would imagine would do well for homes… just a thought. It should be easy to come up with the money if you think outside the box!

  3. RiverRobb–I think that you and I are thinking along the same lines. There seems to be a slight problem as to who owns the lands along the river. I think the Tribes probably has the most property on the river except for a small section from Erhenberg to the interstate bridge. Below the bridge we are getting into Corp of Engn and the B L M. I’m pretty sure there are other properties that are owned by LaPaz county that may or may not be of interest to Mr Willit.
    Very possibly there may be some property on the eastside that may interest Mr Willit as I don’t think Mr Willit is exactly married to the idea of operating a sludge business. Might be some other enterprise that Mr Willit may possibly be considering.
    There are numerous oppertunities all around us, we’ve just have to put our heads together and come up with the answers.
    I’m pretty new to this area, 21 years, but did the Tribes have anything to do with the way LaPaz county was run by the past Supervisors? Just a guestion for my own information. It seems that I heard that Gene Fisher represented the Tribes, is that true?

    Another item I am not very good with the CP, I don’t even know what you are saying about spell check.
    Still, I would like to explore all possibilitys that are faciing us and try to get more different inputs for someone will come up with a solution.
    Thanks for putting up with me and God Bless

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