Carson & Barnes Circus Celebrating 75 Years!

The circus is coming to Parker, AZ April 14, 2011 with shows at 4:30 pm and 7:30 pm!

The performers are artists from around the world, including the United States, Mexico, Peru, Chile, Argentina, Russia and Italy. Acts consist of aerial trapeze, high wire, motorcycle acrobatic teams, jugglers and clowns, along with performing elephants, camels, dogs and horses.

Special for 2011 is our award winning clown and world-renowned “King of Comedy” Alex, who will entertain you with hilarious high bounding feats on the trampoline.

Other show highlights include:

  • Our Grand Spectacular Patriotic Parade, which features a “Salute to America” displaying beautiful hand made costumes and animal blankets concluding with an aerial extravaganza, featuring silk artistry of the De Paula Duo
  • Daredevils of the Double Wheels of Destiny with astounding feats of balance and agility, blindfolded! – The Super Stars of the Stratosphere
  • Watch as our Highwire Heroes traverse the silver strand-the Thrilling Tandazo Trio!
  • Dallas’s Doggies — A variety of precocious puppies that will steal your heart away
  • The Master of Body Manipulation – Kevin Barnal Rios from Colombia
  • Incredible Young Men and Women on the Trapeze – The Flying Cavallini Family, featuring the triple somersault
  • The Masters of the Silver Cycles – Unique Unicycle Exhibition, Jonathon and Jasmine Olivero
  • Millers Majestic Prancing Ponies – always a hit with children of all ages
  • Direct from Circus Circus in Las Vegas, Nevada – the juggling expertise of The Rinny Family
  • The stars of our show – Our Magnificent Performing Pachyderms!

Location will be at the BlueWater Resort & Casino Hwy 95 at Resort Road. Sponsored by Parker Lions Club.

Family tickets are available for $25, that will get two adults and three children in to see this fun show! Individual tickets are $10. Pre-sale tickets are available by calling Judi at 928 669-3073.


  1. The Carson & Barnes Circus is coming to town and if caring area residents knew more about the cruel treatment of animals used by the circus, they’d think twice before welcoming it back.

    Elephants used by Carson & Barnes spend most of their lives in chains and are routinely beaten with bullhooks (a rod with a sharp metal hook on the end). Carson & Barnes has paid almost $1,000 in fines to federal authorities for mishandling elephants and for injuries two elephants sustained when a trailer overturned.

    Out of public view, trainers inflict pain and fear to force animals into submission. No government agency monitors training sessions. For animals in circuses, there is varying degrees of punishment and deprivation. Readers can learn more about the tainted history of Carson & Barnes Circus at

  2. Inhumane treatment of animals is never ok. Please treat animals with the love and care as seen in the following video.

  3. Well, this one is a long-running debate about the use of animals in general, and sometimes those on the animal rights side can feel no animals should be used whether they’re well-treated or not.

    For its part, Carson & Barnes says it treats its animals well:

    “Are the circus animals well treated? Definitely. Come and see for yourself. The animals are a valued part of our circus family.”

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