Correction: Yakima case

Yesterday, Parker Live reported that the Judge had issued an order in the Yakima case. Apparently this isn’t yet the case; what Parker Live received was a non-final version. We’ll update this site with the correct information soon. Thank you.

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  1. How much has the Co. spent fighting this hopless cause so not to have to pay this man his money? This man is well derserving after the the Co. ruined his business. It is obvious since the trial that the citizens think the same. Jury of La Paz Co found the Co to be liable. Make some kind of attempt. It seems the Co. only tries to make Mr. Willet look bad when in fact the Co. just keeps looking worse.
    Quit fighting this man and pay him something. Quit spending our money and his in court. Make some attempt. Offering him a pitenance of original sum is laughable.

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