A letter from Pennsylvania

Hi there,

My name’s Mike and I’m currently living in State College, PA, or as you might want to refer to it, ”The other town where a box of old dynamite was just found.”

This morning I was checking in on what was happening back home. After reading your coverage on the Parker dynamite, I thought that was going to be the big news of the day for me. Then when I read Penn State’s college paper, I was surprised to read a very similar story. A box of decades old, volatile, dynamite was found in a residential area that was subsequently evacuated.

I know this looks suspicious on my part, and I would like to state that I had nothing to do with either box of dynamite. The fact that explosives were found in my home town as well as in the community where I currently live in the same week – almost on the same day – is just a crazy, crazy coincidence.

Thanks for the coverage, and thanks for being a great resource for keeping up on the news back home.

The Penn State article can be found HERE.

Have a Blast,


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