Explosives alert closes highway near Quartzsite

2:01pm– Parker Live has learned that Highway 95 is closed on the route between Parker and Quartzsite, northbound traffic is diverted. Southbound traffic is closed at 12 Mile Junction. Motorists wanting to get to Quartzsite from Parker should use Mohave Road through the CRIT reservation to the I-10 freeway.

A DPS spokesperson tells us law enforcement agencies are waiting for a Phoenix bomb squad response to a commercial vehicle with a bomb threat.

4:55pm– The highway is now open again. Alert turned out to be false alarm.


  1. Is it just me or does everyone else feel like the world has just gone plain crazy?!?

  2. Hopefully this idiot will be punished severly. We were there with a loaded semi and had to detour around. This cost us time and dollars–for what? I can only imagine what it cost the law enforcement!! He should have to reimburse the department for all expenses–and be in a mental institution forever.

  3. flyingw- What did the man do wrong?

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