Quartzsite to hire Martin Brannan

In a move that will come as a surprise to many people, the Town of Quartzsite is seeking to hire former La Paz County Attorney Martin Brannan as the Town Prosecutor. The appointment is on the agenda of tomorrow’s special meeting of the Town Council, marked “Not open for public discussion.” The meeting is set for Thursday, April 28th at 1:30 p.m.

See the agenda HERE.


UPDATE 5/2/2011: All members of council voted to approve Brannan, except Mayor Ed Foster, who voted in opposition.


  1. Isn’t Brannan under investigation by the board of lawyer examiners? Quartzsite must not have done a background check.

  2. i bet he fits the quartzsite profile. i will google this guy.

  3. roth ai’nt no patriot and I do beleive we in for good times with Brennan as prosecutin lawyr in qaurtzsite. brennen was a good show last time he were in thees parts and i do beielve if I am cherged with murder I do want hisself to be my prosectur. Glad I live in salome.

  4. billy wayne, You need to speak strait. What do you mean by all this nonsence?? Brannan is that lawyer who lost his job cause he lost. What do you mean with killing people? You act crazy!!!

  5. M, I think its very clear that you (and many others on this board) are the hapless victims of a Troll.


    Lets read between the lines. BW mentions a certain someone, in EVERY post, who hasn’t posted on this board in months and should be best forgotten.

    While at the same time forming his posts in way that is obviously intended to make the poster look like an idiot, while also showing opposition to that certain someone; it can be presumed that the SOMEONE wants people to think those who are against him are just uneducated hicks. The persona that the character “Billy Wayne” is meant to personify.

    Nothing to see here, move along. As those of us who frequent Internet Discussion Boards would say, please don’t feed the trolls.

  6. I don’t know anything about Mr Brennan–so could someone explain to me what he has or has’nt done while he was employed by LaPaz county? Kinda hard to judge a person if you don’t know anything about them.

  7. Common Sense- Thank you.

  8. A recent news story about Brannan can be read here:


    Seems like a perfect fit for Quartzsite. Then they can hire Bernie Madoff as their Town Manager.

  9. Thanks for the input Observer. Would be interesting to know all the facts-I know in my business if one of my workers messed up, it automatically was my fault and I had to stand good for it. But, how was his job performance as far as Parker or LaPaz county was concerned? How long was he employed by LaPaz county and was he dimissed or did he leave of his own accord? Just trying to make an intelligent decision–thank you

  10. Wow, and Brannan only demands $6,500 for two month’s work.
    Read the agenda and scroll down to his e-mail to Alex Graft. Maybe he will prosecute her, but I doubt it if she’s going to fork out that kinda money to him.
    Why does a town need a prosecutor?

  11. great, 1st the town violates peoples rights now they hire a prosecutor who is under investigation for violating peoples rights.

  12. I certainly appreciate all the info on Mr Brannen-I would like to know what the circumstance’s are for Quartzsite to hire him. I’ll do my darnest to find out-thank you gentlemen and lady

  13. First of all, why does a Town of Quartzsite need a special prosecuter?
    Well one wouldn’t be necesary if all the different people that are dealt with would be honest and above board with all the legal entanglements that crop up from time to time.
    Ask yourself why does the County need a County Prosecuter?
    O K, put yourself in this position, if you had some real deadbeats that kept fighting with you in the legal system in regards to property rights or monetary matters, wouldn’t you want to find someone to help you when others can’t?
    What I mean is if you had a real bad person to deal with, wouldn’t you try to find a badder person to handle the problem?
    Isn’t that exactly what the B O S and their attorney is doing right now?
    Maybe just maybe that is what is happening in Quartzsite.
    The money promised Mr Brannan is very small considering the legal costs that the “mayor” has caused the Town of Q spend ($30,000 to date).
    So maybe Mr Brannan will extend quite a bit of effert to try to redeem himself a little. Who knows, I surely don’t, but I have to have confidence in our current Town Manager and our best Town Council we have ever had. Also the very best Police Chief and his officers.
    Only God could have helped us if the others had gotten in.
    Just my opinion after really thinking about all the problems facing a fairly new incorparated Town–think about the major problems still facng a fairly new County, (LaPaz), are we so different?
    That’s why we all have to come together in order to survive all the crap that is presented to us.

  14. Gracie, they need a new prosecutor because their current one, Matt Newman, is having health issues. It looks like they are appointing one temporarily to cover while Mr. Newman is out of commission, OR until they hire a new full time prosecutor.

    They need a Town Attorney to prosecute cases which occur in Quartzsite Magistrate Court. County Prosecutor does cases in Justice Court and Superior Court. Without Prosecutors, the criminals who are arrested by the police wouldn’t get prosecuted, and would just get released from jail after 1 night.

    I do agree with the need for a temporary prosecutor, but I think their choice is poor. Brannan had a horrible performance as County Attorney, and add it to the ethical issued he ran into afterward. To be fair, they may not have very many choices. We don’t have a very deep talent pool of Lawyers out here.

    One last thought, we need to stop making the “Its a new county” excuse. LPC is almost 30 years old. Its not inexperience in our county management, its incompetence. 2012 will be interesting, as we’re likely to see new people in every major office. I hope we make the right choices this time.

  15. The Town of Quartzsite can do what they want to do. However, Mr. Newman is fine. I live Parker and he is working. One thing Common Sense said that caught my eye was that we are likely to see new people in every major office and that would surprise me. Assessor, Recorder, Treasurer, Attorney, Sheriff, the Board of Supervisors, Judge and Superintendent? Why will they all be replaced and who is doing a bad job? Are any of them doing a good job in your opinion Common Sense?

  16. Common sense reveals NONE of them are doing a good job! Replace them ALL! Don’t re-elect anybody!!!

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