Collision, rollover in Parker

10:52– A two-vehicle traffic accident at the intersection of California and Arizona Avenues in Parker has the main road closed in both directions.


11:14– Accident happened in front of the Chamber of Commerce building on California Avenue, who called 911. A white minivan appears to have been exiting Arizona Avenue and collided with an unidentified vehicle, causing a rollover. Randy Hartless and Debbie Bazilius from the Chamber of Commerce were among the first on the scene. The driver of the white minivan was limping but did not appear to have serious injuries. The condition of the occupant(s) of the other vehicle is unknown, but appear serious enough to warrant evacuation from the scene to hospital by air.



11:23– The occupant of the vehicle that rolled over, a female, has finally been extracted from the vehicle and is being taken to hospital by helicopter.

11:24– Parker Police Department Sergeant Romo informs Parker Live that California Avenue will remain closed in both directions between 12th and 14th Streets. The closure may remain in effect up to 4 hours if necessary. Traffic is detoured to Joshua Avenue.



12:20– Witnesses on the scene say the occupant of the vehicle airlifted to hospital was thrown from the driver’s seat to the rear cargo area. She did not appear to have been wearing a seatbelt.

2:20– The scene appears to be close to being cleared. This photograph shows the rolled vehicle being turned upright and towed away.

2:50pm– One unconfirmed report suggests that the driver taken to hospital is “in stable condition” and is expected to make a good recovery.

3:10pm– California Avenue has now be reopened for traffic.

Updates complete.

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  1. A sad accident, I hope that everyone will be okay. Thank you John for such speedy and complete updates on the situation! Great coverage. =))

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