Supervisors to make settlement offer to Yakima Tuesday?

Some miscellaneous items, an executive session and a worksession form part of Tuesday’s agenda for the La Paz County Board of Supervisors.

Part of the special meeting Tuesday at 1:30pm will be public, but mostly it will be a private executive session devoted to discussing “settlement alternatives” to the Yakima case with the County’s attorneys. After the executive session ends, the Board will allow the public back in for their public authorization of a settlement offer to Yakima. It is expected that this offer will be made on the basis of taking out a bond for the amount of the offer, to be paid back over time. There may still be other alternatives on the table.

Other items on the agenda beforehand include approving an updated schedule of reimbursement for County services to Special Districts, approving advertising for a Teen Pregnancy Prevention Coordinator and approving an engagement letter with S&P relating to a rating evaluation service.

Then at 3:00pm, the Board of Supervisors will hold a worksession on food catering at the County Jail, hearing a presentation by Canteen Correctional Services and discussing a proposed contract for kitchen services at the Jail.

These meetings will be held Tuesday at the County Supervisors’ boardroom at 1108 Joshua Avenue in Parker.

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