County offers Yakima $9.2m from bond

The La Paz County Board of Supervisors has issued a settlement offer to Yakima’s Jim Willett of $9.2 million, the amount of the original judgment. Out of this, Willett would need to pay his legal fees (which are rumored to be in the millions of dollars).

The offer will be contingent upon an action granted to La Paz County by the State of Arizona in a bill passed in recent months (SB 1178), which authorizes the County to take out a bond for the amount of the settlement and pay it back using a temporary sales tax increase. This option must be utilized by December 31st this year.

Reportedly the offer will also be contingent upon Yakima transferring all licenses and permits pertaining to its biosolids facility to the County.

Parker Live is awaiting an official press release from the County, which may have more details.

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