Yakima makes play for golf course

Despite yesterday’s news that La Paz County has authorized a settlement offer to Yakima of $9.2 million, Yakima’s Jim Willett says he has “received nothing from them or their attorney” and will have his lawyers in court today saying so. The County says the offer has been conveyed by now to the company.

In a memorandum Willett says he has filed with the court, his lawyers berate the County for only partially complying with the court’s previous orders that it furnish its full financial records to Yakima, and request that the County start by transferring the Emerald Canyon Golf Course immediately to Willett as partial payment of the judgment. The memo asserts that the golf course is worth around $1.4 million and is a “non-essential asset”.

The memo quotes from a deposition of County administrator Dan Field to attempt to show the County’s lack of action on the case.

The court will discuss the memorandum and anything else relating to the case today at 1:30pm, during which time many observers will expect Yakima to indicate their response to the County’s settlement offer.

Parker Live will cover it as it happens.

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