Salome girl rescues grandma from burning home

On Thursday May 26th 2011, the La Paz County Sheriff’s Office presented a “letter of commendation” to 10 year-old Rhaegan Palma at the Salome Elementary School assembly. This was awarded to Rhaegan due to her bravery on May 14th, when she entered a burning residence to save her grandmothers life. The following is the narrative that was written on the award.

On May 14th 2011 at approximately 5:20 in the morning, a residence located at Avenue B and Salome Road, suddenly caught fire, trapping 68 year old Martha Palma inside. Without any regard for her own safety, 10 year old Rhaegan Palma kicked in the back door, entered the smoke filled hallway and took her grandmother by the hand, guiding her to safety. According to Martha Palma, she was unable to see or breathe and had it not been for the life saving efforts of Rhaegan, she may not have made it out of the home alive. The La Paz County Sheriff’s Office would like to commend Rhaegan for her bravery and recognize her on this date with this letter of commendation.

Lieutenant Curt Bagby

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