Cate’s Column #9

A Salute to All Who Protect and Serve

I listened to Saturday’s Parker tube float play-by-play on the radio — the police scanner radio.

I salute all our law enforcement, medical and other officials who work so hard protecting and serving us. Heck, maybe that should be protecting — and saving — us from ourselves. My hat is off to our drivers, divers, dispatchers, EMTs and every one of you for your consummate professionalism, patience and polite manners in the face of so much rowdy behavior.

The calls I heard! A tuber too drunk to pry ass from tube. Underage consumption. Private dock trespassing. Drunk drivers. Drunk boaters. And one inappropriately dressed tuber screaming, “I don’t wanna to go to jail! I don’t wanna go to jail!”

Hysterical, by both definitions.

Not all the fun was in Parker; many of the calls came from traffic stops miles away on Interstate 10 and Arizona Highway 95. Whatever the situation our amazing officers maintained their professional demeanor. Very admirable!

Maybe the tubers’ antics were so funny because these are all the things we got away with in the 70s. At this point in my life, however, it’s more fun listening than participating. Call me a dud, but I can do without the hangover!

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