CRIT says Tube Float trash blocking Headgate Dam

The CRIT Environmental Protection Office Director visited the Chamber of Commerce after lunchtime today, telling Chamber staff that trash, barrels and inner tubes are clogging Headgate Dam. They are requiring that the items be cleaned up immediately or the Chamber could be ticketed and fined up to $5,000.

Tourism Director Mary Hamilton sent out an email shortly after 2 o’clock to pledge partners and board members, saying:

“We need help. Volunteers with boats. The trash needs to be pulled from the water and placed on the beach. They (EPO) will haul it away. We’ve got Rich Tozer and Rich Ferber already on their way. Debbie will be at the BlueWater beach with trash bags within 30 minutes.”

CRIT EPO reportedly added that they can help with trash pickup at next year’s Float.

The annual event is becoming larger each year, and remains the Chamber’s largest fundraiser.


  1. Just a quick thought. The chamber needs to take responsibility for the Tube float issues. They sponser/promote this event, and expect law enforcement/fire personnel to include the ambulance service to keep everybody safe. keep in mind “yes” thats there responsibility but lets look at this in perspective.

    The emergency services in the Parker area are pretty good for a small area and make “no” mistake the Sheriff’s Office is understaffed and have a very limited budget for overtime. I assume so does the other emergency services.

    My point is that the Chamber got very lucky with this event. No drownings and No deaths from alcohol poisoning and heatstroke.

    Only with the assistance of the local emergency services this was prevented.

    When you sponser an event like this where thousands of people converge into a small area with limited emergency services you play russian roulette and only pray that nobody dies. The Chamber should have paid for the extra emergency services personnel and for any overtime that was accrued.

    The Chamber didn’t even thank the emergency services in their Pioneer article.

    Just a thought for next year when its gets even bigger.

  2. The Parker Area Chamber of Commerce did an excellent job putting together this event. It has drawn thousands of people to the area which is tourist based and much needed for our economy in which revenue is generated, thus means more money for law enforcement and emergency services to continue to operate. Much planning goes into an event like this, such as other events for the area. The Chamber does not have extra funds to pay for emergency services. You need to check with your local Sheriff’s Office about how extra personnel was paid just for this weekend since you seem to know so much. And by the way, I didn’t see you out there volunteering to help.
    When you choose to grip and complain about people coming to an area spending money in already economically depressed area; you are also playing Russian Roulette.
    Just a note: Did you think that maybe, just maybe- the Parker Pioneer didn’t get all the facts; or just maybe the Chamber of Commerce hasn’t had an opportunity yet to publically thank emergency services and volunteers?
    On a positive note, you do raise an excellent thought to consider for next year’s planning. Each and every year- this event will continue to grow and will continue to be a success with help and support of the locals.

  3. GO “TUBE FLOAT” 2012!

  4. I love the Tube Float. It’s a terrific event and a big fundraiser; it benefits the whole area and it has a flawless safety record. Let’s not forget the role of personal responsibility in safety; how people behave when they jump in a federal waterway is their own responsibility (particularly if they’re not registered participants in an organized event).

    I say the Chamber was doing the community a favor by cleaning this trash up. 🙂

    Roll on next year’s event, and thanks to all who make it possible.

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